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November 2019 Graduation Reception at Hart House

Congratulations to our November 2019 graduates! We are so proud of you and wish you all the best!

Cannabis Use in Medicine

Cannabis Use in Medicine - Screening of "The Scientist"
UofT IMSSA's Community and Outreach Presents:
The documentary screening […]

Tahani Baakdhah: crochet entrepreneur

U of T PhD student on combining self-made crocheting business, retinal stem cell research

From The Varsity

By: Matias […]

PhD student Daniel Merritt Peers Inside the Mind of the Worm for Clues on How Memories Form

Author: Jovana Drinjakovic via the Donnelly Centre News.

Study lays the ground for uncovering the molecular basis of memory blocking […]

Raw Talk Ep 51: From Miracle Drug to Epidemic

Behind every discovery, there’s a story. Raw Talk is a podcast about the meaning we find in science, and the people who make it h […]

Helping Hands: IMS Peer-to-Peer Mentorship Program

By Craig Madho and Fadl Nabbouh  “Let’s make a mentorship program.” The suggestion echoed across the IMS boardroom to no one in par […]

Meet the IMS’ new Liaison Librarian: Kaitlin Fuller

I’m Kaitlin Fuller the new Liaison Librarian for the IMS.  As your Liaison, I am your resource person for questions about using any of the […]

Redefining Diagnoses: Data-Driven Precision Medicine for Social Cognitive Impairments

By Laura Stefanik, MSc
  Imagine if data from a brain image could be used to help guide treatment recommendations for people with a […]

From Wonder Drug to Epidemic – U of T Talks takes on Canada’s Opioid crisis

By Catherine Choi The Opioid crisis has become a critical issue that can no longer be ignored as the number of Opioid-related deaths […]

The end of the CREMS Research Scholar program and the start of its successor, the Graduate Diploma in Health Research

The Comprehensive Research Experience for Medical Students (CREMS) Research Scholar program is being superseded by a new optional Graduate […]


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