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IMS50 Stories – Check out the latest 5!

The IMS50 Stories initiative celebrates those who have had a remarkable impact on the IMS or been significantly influenced by the IMS […]

IMS Faculty Dr. Sunita Mathur Receives the 2017-18 FoM Graduate Teaching Award

By Jessica Boafo from the Rehabilitation Sciences Institute at UofT.

Congratulations to Dr. Sunita Mathur who has been awarded the 2017-18 […]

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Biomedical Communications: Andrea Gauthier, Shelley Wall and Jodie Jenkinson

From: View to the U: An eye on UTM research

Comics, gaming, visualizations, healthcare, learning, and communication integrated via […]

Molly Shoichet

Congratulations to IMS Faculty Dr. Molly Shoichet for being named Ontario’s first Chief-Scientist

From www.ontario.ca University Professor and IMS Faculty Member Dr. Molly Shoichet has been named Ontario's first Chief Scientist. In […]

You are what your breathe – lessons from bench to bedside in the field

Dr. Chung-Wai Chow MD, PhD, FRCPC Associate Professor, University of Toronto https://youtu.be/Al4IGLaOygI

Radio-immunotherapy for the treatment of mesothelioma: from bench to bedside

Marc de Perrot MD, MSc Associate Professor of Surgery, University of Toronto https://youtu.be/dwjgHs6OwEU

New directions in cancer imaging: Activating drugs in situ

Naomi Matsuura PhD, PEng Director, Translation and Attrition Department of Medical Imaging, University of Toronto https://youtu.be/FFwj2TIr8hU

Get your Essential Guide for Graduate Students!

Are starting graduate studies in the IMS?  Need a refresher on the ins and outs of pursuing graduate studies at the University of […]

Support for students affected by the US Travel Ban

Posted on behalf of Beatrice Ballarin, International Student Representative, IMSSA

I am writing to you in light of the recent change in p […]

Using MRI to Assess Kidney Transplants

Anish Kirpalani, Department of Medical Imaging, St Michael's Hospital Using MRI to Assess Kidney Transplants  https://youtu.be/QIVt6L70BsU

Improving the immune systems ability to detect and eliminate HIV

Shariq Mujib, PhD Candidate NEF Blockade Facilitates Eradication of the HIV Latent Reservoir  https://youtu.be/AWbnHd_9yb8

Quantity & Quality: Dr. James Kennedy graduates 6 students at June convocation

IMS faculty Dr. James Kennedy was extremely pleased to sit on the stage of Convocation Hall and watch 6 of his students graduate […]