Mel Silverman Mentorship Award

Mel Silverman
Dr. Mel Silverman

The Mel Silverman Mentorship Award was established to honour the contributions of former IMS Director Dr. Melvin Silverman. It is presented annually at Scientific Day to an IMS faculty member who has served as an outstanding mentor and role model for graduate students, in addition to making significant contributions to the IMS graduate program.

Steven Miller

2023 Award Recipient

Dr. Steven Miller

Dr. Steven Miller is Head and Professor of the UBC Department of Pediatrics and the Chief of Pediatric Medicine at BC’s Children Hospital. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, holds the Hudson Family Hospital Chair in Pediatric Medicine and James & Annabel McCreary Chair in Pediatrics, and was previously a Canada Research Chair in Neonatal Neuroscience. Leading a multidisciplinary team, his research program focuses on better understanding how intensive care impacts brain development and injury in the newborn with a focus on those born preterm or with congenital heart disease. The goal of his team’s work is to promote strategies to prevent brain injury and to promote recovery with the ultimate goal of improving the lifelong health of children and their families. He is passionate about supporting the career trajectories of early-career child-health researchers and served as President of the Society for Pediatric Research.

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