Summer Undergraduate Research Program



The Summer Undergraduate Research Program celebrates over four decades of continued success. Today, Dr. Ted Brown serves as the Director of the program. SURP provides an opportunity for undergraduate B.Sc. and medical students (who do not hold a graduate degree) to become involved in projects relating to biomedical research. Projects range across a broad spectrum of disciplines, from molecular biology and cognitive science to clinical investigation and bioethics. 

Why take part in SURP? 

The Summer Undergraduate Research Program is a wonderful opportunity for you to work with distinguished faculty members, develop sound research methodologies and experience excellent mentorship. Click here to read about SURP in the IMS Magazine.

What do we offer in the program? 

Participants selected for the program spend 3 months in the summer (June-August) in a laboratory or clinical setting, working on a research project. During this time you are encouraged to participate in laboratory meetings, data analysis, journal clubs, and/or appropriate clinical research rounds at the affiliated teaching hospitals. In addition, the IMS offers weekly seminars rendered by eminent researchers from the University of Toronto. 

The summer research program concludes with Research Day in mid-August where you are given the opportunity to showcase your research findings through oral or poster presentations. Highlights of the Research Day include several awards for excellence in research presentation, including a certificate of participation. 


If you have any questions about the Summer Undergraduate Research Program, please email Sobiga Vyravanathan, SURP Program Coordinator