International MSc Graduate Student Grant

The IMS International MSc Graduate Student Grant is an initiative designed to encourage IMS faculty members to accept international MSc students into their research program.

These $10,000 grants will help supervisors who take international MSc students as they pay $20,000 more in tuition than domestic students. This funding will split the additional cost equally between IMS and the supervisor. Up to five grant allocations of $10,000 each will be provided to help offset the stipend for a new MSc international graduate student who is registered in the 2024-25 Academic Year

See below for further information.


  • Principal Investigator must hold a current Associate or Full IMS membership.
  • Limit of one International MSc Graduate Student Grant per Principal Investigator each year.
  • Students must be accepted by IMS and registered into the MSc Graduate program, and the GEMS graduate student-supervisor agreement must be completed and signed by September 13th 2024, to be considered.
  • Students who enter the IMS MSc Graduate Program with a major award ($15,000 or above) are not eligible for this grant.


  • Supervisors must apply online by Thursday, August 1st, 2023 at 5:00 pm.
  • Final decisions on fund allocation will be made by the IMS Associate Director and the Graduate Coordinators.

Payment Schedule 

  • Grant payments are processed through ACORN at the beginning of each session: September, January, and May. We strongly recommend that students set up direct deposit by logging into their ACORN account and adding their Canadian banking information. Direct deposit will ensure that students receive their payment(s) quickly. 
  • Students who withdraw, complete degree requirements, transfer to another program/graduate unit, or fail to complete the full session prior to the end of their grant, may be required to repay the funds already received for the incomplete session.

GEMS Funding Table

  • Students and/or their supervisors must not manually add the grant to the funding table. The funds are administered by the IMS and once the payment has been processed through ACORN, the amount will automatically appear on the students’ GEMS agreement.

International MSc Graduate Student Grant Application

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Application is open.

For further information on this program, please contact the IMS Admissions and Recruitment Administrator, Emilie DesRosiers.