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2022-23 application submission deadlines:

October 3, 2022

January 9, 2023

March 27, 2023

General Guidelines 

At the University of Toronto, there are two tiers of membership:  Academic Appointments and Graduate Faculty Memberships. 

  • An academic appointment (or professorial/university appointment) dictates a faculty member’s rights to teach in an undergraduate program and their involvement in other associated activities with an academic unit. 
  • graduate faculty membership dictates a faculty member’s rights to teach in a graduate program and their involvement in associated activities (including student committee membership, participation in defense exams, etc.). There are four categories of graduate faculty membership.

To be appointed to the graduate faculty, you must hold an academic appointment at the University of Toronto (tenured, tenure-stream, status-only, visiting, adjunct, etc.). Not all U of T Faculty have automatic privileges in graduate programs – a graduate faculty membership is also required. Only applicants with a U of T academic appointment can be considered for a graduate faculty membership through the IMS. There are no exceptions. 

Any faculty member supervising an IMS student must hold a graduate faculty membership with the IMS. Any faculty member on an IMS student’s Program Advisory Committee must hold a graduate faculty membership at U of T (but not necessarily with the IMS). 

Faculty can apply for a graduate membership through any graduate unit at the University. Faculty members who already hold a graduate membrship in another graduate unit may apply for graduate cross-appointment in the Institute of Medical Science. Such applicants will be reviewed using the same IMS criteria as new appointees. 

Graduate students registered in the IMS or another other department are not eligible for a graduate faculty membership in the IMS  and may not participate in the Program Advisory Committee of other IMS students. 

The rights and responsibilities of each level of graduate faculty membership may be restricted. 

IMS members are expected to ensure that IMS is informed of any change in their employment or university appointment status.

Criteria for Graduate Faculty Memberships in the IMS 

The criteria for graduate faculty membership to the IMS are based on academic grounds as defined by the School of Graduate Studies at the University of Toronto. These include: 

  • Academic qualifications to the level of PhD or equivalent 
  • Evidence of independent scholarship (e.g. Principal Applicant/Investigator on peer-reviewed grants and proven track record of scientific publications) 
  • Commitment to mentorship of students and willingness to participate in graduate activities as requested by the Institute of Medical Science (chairing defenses, attending IMS Scientific Day, participation in committees), etc. 

In addition, the SGS permits appointment to the graduate faculty under the heading of “Creative Professional Achievement”. Criteria for admission in this category include demonstration of exemplary practice, innovation in practice, peer acknowledgment or public impact. Fulfillment of these criteria (either academic or creative) will be sufficient grounds for recommendation for appointment. 

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