PhD Final Oral Examination

The PhD Final Oral Examination is a two-tier process consisting of 2 oral examinations: 

  1. PhD Departmental Oral Examination (IMS)
  2. Final Oral Examination (SGS)

Both examinations include a student presentation, questioning and vote. Some students benefit from two examinations. For others, it is redundant.

Writing and defending your PhD thesis typically takes 7-12 months (3-4 months for writing, 1-3 month for thesis proofing and review, and 4-5 months for the examination process).

To ensure timely completion, we recommend that you:

  • Review the PhD Thesis and Examination Guidelines (below) thoroughly prior to the start of thesis writing
  • Discuss the process with your supervisor and PAC members by the third or fourth year
  • Send a draft of your thesis to your supervisor and PAC members to review and set deadlines for return of comments. Allow one month for review of the final thesis draft by PAC  members.
  • Schedule all PAC meetings well in advance
  • Use the PhD Thesis Defense and Program Completion Checklist (below)

PhD Exam Guidelines

PhD Checklist