Supervisor and Student Responsibilities

Supervisor Responsibilities

  1. Directs the graduate program of the student, facilitating timely completion of research, thesis writing and defense
  2. Provides mentorship and serve as an academic role model
  3. Chooses appropriate members for the graduate program advisory committee (PAC) and ensures supervision is appropriate and timely
  4. Ensures appropriate continuing supervision of the student during a leave of absence from the University (e.g., sabbatical)
  5. Guarantees funding of the student throughout the graduate program and completes the Annual GEMS Statement of Agreemen prior to annual registration of the student

 Student Responsibilities

  1. Engage full-time in a self-directed learning process
  2. Apply for awards, external funding, planning and preparing Program Advisory Committee meetings, writing abstracts and manuscripts as first author
  3. Maintaining ongoing and open communication between the student and supervisor

For more information, please refer to the Student Handbook​​​​​​​