Course Selection

Course Grading Policy

Graduate students who receive a grade of less than 70% in any course will be assigned a failing letter grade (FZ).  This includes enrollment in non-graduate courses (e.g., Arts and Science courses) for which numerical grades are normally assigned and holds whether the course is taken for credit or not.

Purpose of Graduate Courses

Completion of graduate course requirements is an essential part of ensuring that you have a working knowledge of the fundamentals in your chosen discipline, are adequately specialized in your field, and have a broad appreciation of modern health sciences.

Courses fall in two main categories:

Research Courses

Research courses are related to your thesis topic and include generalized courses or specialized courses (see below) that provide knowledge and methodologies that complement your research.

Enrichment Courses

Enrichment courses are designed to expand and enrich your knowledge base beyond your particular field of study. Many provide practical skills ideal for career development, such as teaching, finance, management, languages.  Usually these are not counted as part of your minimum degree requirement. Examples include THE5000H – Teaching in High Education, and courses offered by the Institute of History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, Finance and Management courses.

How to find a graduate course

Course selection is made by you in consultation with your supervisor, thesis committee, and, if necessary, the Graduate Coordinators. Consideration should be given to the your long-term career objectives and the standards of competency in the field.

In addition to IMS course offerings, you may take courses in other graduate units and collaborative programs.  These can be searched at the UofT Portal.  Here is a list of cognate units:

Addiction Studies Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology
Biochemistry Medical Biophysics
Bioethics Molecular Genetics
Biomedical Engineering Musculoskeletal Science
Biomedical Toxicology Neurosciences
Biotechnology Program, UTM Nursing
Cardiovascular Sciences Nutritional Science
Dalla Lana School of Public Health Pharmacy
Dentistry Pharmacology
Environment and Health Physiology
Genome Biology and Bioinformatics Psychology
Health Policy, Management & Evaluation Rehabilitation Sciences
Immunology Resuscitation Sciences
Institute for Life Course and Aging Rotman School of Management
Knowledge Media Design Women’s Health

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