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Raw Talk Podcast



Student Testimonials 

Raw Talk Podcast

“I really like the journalism that goes into the podcast. I struggled to find more podcasts that create storylines that are research-focused with multiple guests that are research experts (rather than having only one guest, or having the hosts report their Google search). I also love that I hear from Canadian researchers.”

UofT Talks

"The future, not just of science but of our world, is collaborative! And that intermingling of perspectives and opportunity for open dialogue about how we will be able to navigate the big issues that will continue to face our population moving forward were what made me really excited about helping to organize U of T Talks every year since its inception. Being a part of this process has been one of the highlights of my year since the second year of my PhD in the IMS, and I love that we're keeping it going and continuing to bring these collaborative conversations to such wide audiences every year. Its longevity and the continuing interest from U of T networks and the community broadly are a great reflection on the forward-thinking efforts of our wonderful team, and the incredible insights of the amazing guest experts that we are privileged to have on our stage at each event!”