Awards in Education Winners

2022 Award Winners

Sustained Excellence in Education Award

Presented to Dr. Anne Agur. 
This award is presented annually for exceptional sustained contributions to graduate level education that positively impacts IMS students. Contributions may include teaching, administration, program evaluation, etc.  

Anne Agur

Dr. Anne Agur received this award in recognition of her exceptional sustained contributions to graduate level education. Dr. Agur is a Professor in the Division of Anatomy, Department of Surgery. She has been a teacher and researcher in the Division for more than 40 years with a primary research interest in clinically applied normal vs pathological structure and function of the musculoskeletal system including joints, musculotendinous architecture, innervation patterns, spasticity and pain-generating mechanisms. She has won numerous teaching awards and is co-author of Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy, Essential Clinical Anatomy, and Clinically Oriented Anatomy.

Course Director Award

Presented to Dr. Marianne Koritzinsky
The Course Director Award is presented annually for excellence in the teaching, administration, and/or development of (an) IMS graduate course(s). 

Marianne Koritzinsky

Dr. Marianne Koritzinsky received this award in recognition of her contributions to the development and leadership of the MSC1010/1011: MSC/PhD Student Seminars in Translational Research course.

Dr. Koritzinsky has a PhD from the University of Oslo (Norway) and completed postdoctoral training at the University of Maastricht (The Netherlands). She is a Senior Scientist at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Associate Professor and Director of Research at the Department of Radiation Oncology, with cross appointments to the Department of Medical Biophysics and the Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto.

The aim of her research program is to increase our understanding of molecular and cellular responses to hypoxia, altered metabolism and redox homeostasis in the tumor microenvironment, with the ultimate goal of targeting these responses to improve patient outcomes.

Dr. Koritzinsky is a recipient of the ESTRO-Juliana Denekamp research award, the Terry Fox Research Institute New Investigator award, the Radiation Research Society Michael Fry award, the Department of Radiation Oncology Excellence in Research Leadership Award and the Medical Biophysics Student Association Teaching award.

Course Lecturer Award

Presented to Dr. Pamela Plant.
This award is presented annually for excellence in lecturing (2 or more lectures, continuous or intermittent) in (an) IMS graduate course(s).

Pamela Plant

Dr. Pamela Plant received this award in recognition of her contributions to the development and delivery of the two modular courses: MSC 1100: Success in Graduate School- A Professional Module for MSc Students and MSC 1101: Success After Graduate School- A Professional Module for PhD Students

Dr. Plant is an Adjunct Scientist and Genomics Specialist at the Keenan Research Center for Biomedical Science (KRCBS) at Unity Health Toronto (SMH). She obtained her Ph.D. at the University of Toronto in the Department of Biochemistry followed by fellowships at the CHUV, University of Lausanne and the Lunenfeld Institute at Mt Sinai Hospital. Pamela is passionate about graduate trainee education and began the Research Core Facilities “Core Clinics” educational program at the KRCBS, which gives instruction for a broad range of basic and advanced science techniques. She has been dedicated to promoting scientific literacy in the community through involvement in scientific outreach programs for high school students, in Pathways to Education and Women in STEM programs through the public library system. Pamela is an enthusiastic sessional lecturer at the University of Toronto Institute for Medical Science where she directs the course on Graduate Professional Development.

Student Contribution to Graduate Education Award

Presented to Michelle Dubinsky and Lisa Eunyoung Lee
This award is presented annually in recognition of an IMS graduate student(s) who has made significant contributions to graduate education. 

Michelle Dubinsky

Michelle Dubinsky is a senior PhD candidate in the Marsden laboratory at the Keenan Research Centre for Biomedical Sciences, St. Michael’s Hospital. Her research explores how blood flow patterns affect gene-protein interactions in the endothelium, mitigating cardiovascular disease. Michelle is actively involved in many facets of graduate education through both the IMS and her research institution. She engages in high-school, undergraduate, and graduate student education, mentorship, and science outreach, at UofT and in the community. Michelle is also a TA for the course 'Success in Graduate School: a Professional Development Module for MSc Students'. Through her research and engagement experiences, she continues to be involved in promoting advocacy, equity, and the student perspective on many Committees. Michelle hopes to create a welcoming environment for students at all educational levels. She is very thankful to all her peers, supporters, and the IMS for enabling such enriching educational opportunities.  

Lisa Eunyoung Lee

Lisa Eunyoung Lee is a PhD student in the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Toronto and is affiliated in the Department of Medicine (Neurology) at St. Michael’s Hospital. Lisa’s thesis focuses on the application of advanced (quantitative) magnetic resonance imaging techniques to study disease progression, neuroprotection, and tissue repair in multiple sclerosis. Lisa is deeply committed to scientific research, influential leadership, and community engagement. She actively and enthusiastically seeks opportunities to translate scientific discoveries into new therapies and diagnostic/prognostic tools that can improve health outcomes for people with neurological disorders. She is also dedicated to strengthening the IMS community by working collaboratively with the faculty, staff, and students to shape the most optimal learning environment that will improve education, research, support, and experience of the IMS students. Lisa strives to continue contributing to positive change and advancement in medicine.