2021-2022 Course Deadlines and Dates: 


JULY 16 First date to enroll in IMS Fall, Winter and Full Year courses
Sept 7 Most formal graduate courses and seminars begin
Sept 8 Grades for all Summer session courses available for viewing by students on ACORN
Sept 20 Final date to add Full Year and Fall session courses
Oct 25 Final date to drop Fall session courses without academic penalty
Jan 12 Fall session grades available for viewing on ACORN
Feb 20 Final date to drop Full Year and Winter session courses without academic penalty
May For the first day of Summer classes, please consult the course description on the IMS Course Timetable
May 9 Final date to enroll in May-to-June or May-to-August session courses
May 18 Winter session grades available for viewing on ACORN
May 27 Final date to drop May-to-June F section courses without academic penalty
June 13 Final date to drop May-to-August session Y section courses without academic penalty
July 6 Final date to enroll in July-to-August session courses
July 13 Grades for May-to-June F section courses available for viewing by students on ACORN
July 22 Final date to drop July-to-August S section courses without academic penalty

Please note: Modular courses (0.25 FCE) will establish their own add/drop dates depending on their start date. In general, the add/drop date will be scheduled on or before 15% of the course has been completed – roughly up to the completion of the first session. You must check with the course director for actual date.

How to Enroll in Courses

IMS students can enroll online via ACORN.  More detailed information on how to use both systems can be found on the Student Web Services Website. Contact the IMS Office if you need help.

There are two components to course registration:

  1. Request the course. You will need the following information to request enrollment in a course online:
    • Activity Code = The identifying code of a course or activity (i.e. HIS2651Y); Y indicates a full credit course, and H indicates a half credit course.
    • Session Code = When the course starts (20219 is September 2021; 20211 is January 2021)
    • Section Code = Usually F (first term), S (second term), or both (Y)
  2. Make sure to check the status of your courses regularly. After your have requested enrollment in a course, your request will be reviewed and approved or refused by both the graduate unit offering the course, and the IMS.


Some courses are uploaded automatically:

  • RST9999Y: This is the research/thesis component of your degree, not a specific course. You will see continuous enrollment in RST9999Y until you have completed your degree. This will change from IPR (in progress) to CR (credit) following your convocation cycle.
  • MSC1010Y or MSC1011Y (students prior to September 2020)/MSC1010H or MSC1011H (students starting in September 2020): These are the IMS Student Seminar programs. You will be enrolled in one of these two courses for the first two years of your degree program, or until you have completed the course requirements.


Courses Offered in Other Departments

For most courses outside the IMS, you are required to submit an Add/Drop Course Form signed by your supervisor and the appropriate authority (course director or graduate coordinator) of the (host) Department offering the graduate course. Download and complete the form and bring it to the department offering the graduate course for signature.  Once the other graduate unit has approved your course request they will “open a spot” for you in the course on ACORN and you can request the course. Then email or bring the form to the IMS office for signature (at least one week is needed to obtain a signature).  Once this signature is obtained, your course will be approved on ACORN.

Offered by Other Universities

There are specific guidelines on how to take a course at another University for credit, depending on the University offering the course.  Most Canadian Universities have agreements that are arranged to simplify registration and reduce/eliminate course fees. Contact the IMS Office for assistance in enrolling in non-UofT courses.

Transferring Credit

With the approval of the IMS and the School of Graduate Studies, transfer credit may be granted for graduate work completed in another program, provided that the course(s) has not been credited towards another degree, diploma, certificate or any other qualification. Transfer credit will be limited to one full course* or 25% of the program course requirements, whichever is greater. To request a transfer credit, you will need to submit the following to the IMS: a course outline/syllabus, an official transcript from the University where you took the course, and a Transfer Credit Form.

* One full course = 1.0 FCE or two 0.5 FCE