Before the establishment of the IMS in 1968, only faculty members with appointments in basic science departments were able to supervise graduate trainees. The IMS was therefore established as the graduate unit for clinical departments, to enable those faculty to supervise graduate trainees (MD and non-MD) in a formal and high-quality program.

Today, non-clinical faculty members from basic science departments also apply for graduate appointments in the IMS given the high caliber of the students that apply to our graduate training program. Accordingly, the graduate faculty in the IMS are now typically derived from three sources:

  • Clinician-researchers who hold their primary university appointment in a clinical department.
  • PhD scientists with their primary appointments in clinical departments.
  • Faculty from other university departments that have their own graduate programs (e.g. Physiology, Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, Rehabilitation Science etc.) who also seek graduate faculty appointments in the IMS because of their interest in supervising the trainees that are attracted to the IMS program.

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