Application Process for New Members

We invite University of Toronto faculty members to apply for a graduate membership through the Institute of Medical Science.  

Please note that membership decisions will be made based on a complete Graduate Faculty Membership application form. As such, ALL required information requested on the form must be filled out appropriately. Reviews will be done primarily on the information contained within the form. CV's may be used to confirm missing details on the form, but may not be viewed.

The following is required: 

  1. IMS Graduate Faculty Membership Form 
  2. A letter  stating the following: 
    • Your reason(s) for requesting an IMS graduate faculty membership (e.g. to directly supervise MSc or PhD students, participate in Program Advisory Committees, vote at PhD Senate Oral Examinations).
    • Your preferred membership level 
    • Your previous graduate supervisory/teaching experience (if you hold a graduate faculty membership in another graduate unit)
  3. An updated curriculum vitae (CIHR format preferred, full or academic style) containing the following information: 
    • Academic appointment(s) at U of T
    • List of publications
    • Grants and/or funding held and applied for, indicating start and end dates
    • Description of lab space; if the lab is not located on the St. George campus, also include a description of resources/personnel that would contribute to the quality of the students’ graduate experience
    • Summary of experience relevant to graduate supervision including classroom teaching, advisory committee membership, and laboratory training of students (graduate, undergraduate, postdoctoral fellows, residents, etc.)
  4. Letter of support from the Chair of the academic department in which you hold your primary academic appointment
  5. If you already hold a graduate faculty membership in another graduate unit, a letter of support from the Chair/Director of that graduate unit
  6. Other supporting information (e.g. letter of support from the hospital research institute director for funding strategies). (Optional). 

All the above information should be sent via email to the Institute of Medical Science. The letters of support can come directly to the IMS. You will receive confirmation when your application is complete. 

Completed dossiers will be reviewed and nominated by the IMS Graduate Faculty Membership Committee for final approval by the School of Graduate Studies. Upon occasion, additional information may be solicited from the applicant.  You will be notified of the decision in writing. 

Letters should be addressed to: 

Dr. Karen Gordon 

Chair, Graduate Faculty Membership Committee 
Institute of Medical Science 
Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto 
1 King’s College Circle, Room 2374 
Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A8