Bernard Langer Annual Lecture in Health Sciences

Dr. Bernard Langer UofT IMS keynote scientific day

The keynote lecture was established to honour the achievements of Dr. Bernard Langer in establishing the Surgeon-Scientist training program at the University of Toronto during his tenure as Chair of the Department of Surgery from 1982 -1992.

Each year, a guest speaker is selected to give a talk at IMS Scientific Day who is internationally recognized for their scientific contributions and is also known to be an excellent role model and mentor for graduate students.

Akira Sawa

2024 Keynote Lecturer:

We are thrilled to be welcoming keynote speaker Dr. Akira Sawa, MD, PhD who will be giving a lecture on "Multimodal, longitudinal study for psychotic disorders: homeostatic signaling to neural connectivity." 

Dr. Sawa is a Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the John Hopkins School of Medicine. His research is directed towards understanding the pathogenesis of major mental illnesses, especially schizophrenia and mood disorders, at the molecular level.

Previous Lecturers 

  • 2023: Dr. Daniel DruckerThe therapeutic promise of the enteroendocrine cell for cardiometabolic disorders
  • 2022: Dr. Gelareh Zadeh - Clinically Relevant Molecular Data Driving Surgical Management for Brain Tumors
  • 2021: Dr. Jeff Biernaskie - Deciphering the cellular and transcriptional recipe enabling skin regeneration
  • 2019: Dr. Dongeun Dan Huh - Microengineered physiological bio-mimicry: Human organs-on-chips
  • 2018: Dr. Stefan-M. Pulst - Targeting Ataxin-2 as a strategy for treating neurodegenerative diseases
  • 2017: Dr. Marina Picciotto - Vaping and the baby brain – what can studies of nicotine tell us about brain development?
  • 2016: Dr. Victor Dzau - Healing and Regenerating Hearts: 21st Century Prometheus?
  • 2015: Dr. Christopher P. Austin - Catalyzing Translational Innovation
  • 2014: Dr. James P. Landers - Rapid and Affordable Microfluidic Systems for Genetic Analysis: Are We on Track for the Personalized Medicine Era?
  • 2013: Dr. Jeffrey S. Mogil - Mice are People Too: Translation in Pain Research from Genetics to Social Modulation
  • 2012: Dr. Thomas R. Insel - Lost in Translation: Opportunities and Challenges for Translating Scientific Discoveries into Better Health
  • 2011: Dr. Andrew Feinberg - The Epigenetic Basis of Common Human Disease
  • 2010: Dr. Kevin J. Tracey Reflex Control of Immunity
  • 2009: Dr. Polly Matzinger - Immunity is a conversation, not a war