SGS Completion Awards

The Masters Completion Bursary and Doctoral Completion Award are available through the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) to help provide financial assistance to eligible students who must extend their program length due to unanticipated factors beyond their control. More information about these two awards can be found below.  

Please contact Alicia Sam for further information or clarification. 

Masters Completion Bursary 

The Masters Completion Bursary (MCB) serves to assist masters students who must register beyond the program length required for their degree due to unanticipated factors beyond their control. The Bursary aims to assist students who must register full-time in the final session of their program to complete a small or minimal amount of remaining work that is necessary to fulfill their degree requirements.  


Doctoral Completion Award 

The Doctoral Completion Award (DCA) is intended to support full-time PhD students who are beyond the funded cohort, no longer receiving funding from their supervisor, in good standing and within time-limit for their degree, and nearing degree completion.  It is open to both domestic and international students.  Awards will be based on academic merit and are usually awarded for a single academic term. Students should contact their Graduate Coordinator to schedule a meeting to discuss their eligibility.  

Please note: Applicants must be within the below time limits for their specific degree to be eligible for the completion awards.

Degree Funded Cohort
Program Length
Time Limit 
MSc 2 years 3 years
PhD 5 years 6 years
PhD- U* 6 years 7 years

*PhD-U refers to Direct Entry PhD students or those who ‘transfer’ from MSc to PhD