Graduate Department Academic Appeals Committee


Graduate students registered in the Institute of Medical Science (IMS) may appeal substantive or procedural academic matters, including grades, qualifying examinations, and other program requirements; decisions about the student’s continuation in any program; or concerning any other decision with respect to the application of academic regulations and requirements to a student.

Students must first attempt to resolve the matter with the instructor or other person whose ruling is in question. Should the matter not be resolved with the instructor, and should the student wish to pursue the matter, the student must discuss the matter with an IMS Graduate Coordinator. Should such discussions fail to resolve the matter, the student may then make a formal appeal in writing to the Chair of the Graduate Department Academic Appeals Committee (GDAAC). 

The Institute of Medical Science Graduate Department Academic Appeals Committee GDAAC will only consider student appeals on academic matters. 

Appeals are first considered at the departmental level and subsequently at the institutional level vis the Graduate Academic Appeals Board.  Further information regarding procedures for initiating an academic appeal to the GDAAC can be found here.

Decisions related to admission, including admission to the doctoral program for current master’s students, are not subject to appeal.

Appeals related to failure of a final PhD oral examination, or related to termination of registration in a program, should be made directly to the SGS Graduate Academic Appeals Board.

Appeals related to courses taken outside the student’s home department shall be conducted in the department in which the course was offered. 

Students should file an appeal within eight weeks after the date of the decision being appealed. See the appeals policy in the General Regulations in the SGS Calendar for further information on timing. The Chair may extend this interval at their discretion.

An appeal may be conducted as an oral hearing or by written submission only, at the discretion of the Chair of the GDAAC.

Any student wishing to initiate an academic appeal should read the guidelines carefully and submit a completed Notice of Appeal to the Secretary (

Graduate Department Academic Appeals Committee Membership

IMS Chair: David Malkin, Department of Pediatrics and Hospital for Sick Children

Secretary: Kamila Lear, IMS Business Officer (

IMS Faculty Members:

  • Cathy Barr, Krembil Research Institute
  • Dan Felsky, Department of Psychiatry and Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
  • Nicole Harnett, Department of Radiation Oncology and IMS Director of Curriculum
  • Gary Remington, Department of Psychiatry and Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
  • Gary Rodin, Department of Psychiatry and University Health Network

IMS Student Members:

  • Co-Presidents of IMS Students' Association