Alan Wu Poster Competition

Sci Day 2022

The Alan Wu Poster Prize was established in 1993. Dr. Alan Wu was a member of the Department of Anatomy at the University of Toronto. He was well recognized for his research excellence, his passion for science and his strong belief in the value of translational medicine. His promising career was on an upward trajectory when he succumbed to a brain tumour. His wife Gillian Wu established this award in his honour with funds from the friends and associates of Dr. Alan Wu.

Alan Wu Poster Prizes are presented annually to the two most outstanding poster presentations at IMS Scientific Day

In order to receive the Scientific Day credit for MSC1010/1011, students must: 

  • Submit an abstract 
  • Submit a digital poster
  • Present in-person at Scientific Day 

For questions about the Scientific Day presentation credit, please email 

General Information

  • Alan Wu Poster Prizes are presented to the two most outstanding abstracts and poster presentations. Winners receive $400 and an award certificate.
  • Honourable Mention prizes are also given for the best abstract and poster presentation in each of the remaining presentation groups. Honourable Mentions receive a $200 Academic Development Award and an award certificate.
  • All Alan Wu Poster Competition participants must prepare an abstract, a digital poster, and present their research at Scientific Day.
  • All research must have been completed during the graduate program.  
  • Submissions will not be accepted after the deadline. Failure to present at Scientific Day could jeopardize your ability to graduate, so please plan accordingly.  

    For questions about the abstract, digital poster or presentation, please contact 

Abstract Formatting & Submission Instructions

  • Approximately 250 words OR 1 page maximum, single spaced, 1” margins. 
  • Arial 11-point font. 

  • Abstract must include background, purpose, hypothesis, methods, results, conclusions in justified text. 

  • Abstract Title (in ALL capital letters and bold text) is centred at the top of the page in all capital letters and in bold text. 

  • Student’s and supervisor’s names are included at the top left of the page in all capital letters and bold text. 

  • Do not include jpegs, colour graphs, figures, or references in your abstract. Only text will be included in the abstract booklet. 

  • Abstracts must be submitted as word doc using the following file naming format: LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_ABSTRACT.doc 

  • PDF and jpeg files will not be accepted. 

Poster Competition Instructions

  • Only one digital poster is permitted per student. 
  • Digital posters are presented via a large standing monitor.
  • Posters are divided into groups based on IMS' research themes; each group is assigned two judges. Student presenters and judges will gather around their assigned monitor.
  • All posters should be presented in a way that is accessible to any scientist as poster judges may not be content experts. 
  • Students are allocated a maximum of 8 minutes for their poster presentation (5 minute talk plus 3-minute question period). Students will be timed and not permitted to exceed the time limit. 
  • Following the presentation, judges rank the abstract, poster, and presentation. 
  • Based on the rankings, prize winners (2) and honourable mentions from each remaining poster group will be determined and announced at IMS Scientific Day.

Previous Award Winners

Year Award Winners


Alan Dackiw (Basic)
Nicholas Woolridge (Clinical)


Eva Pizzoferrato (Basic)
Ally-Khan Somani (Basic)
Mary Jane Esplen (Clinical)


David Hackam (Basic)
Elizabeth McLeman (Clinical)


Lena Serghides (Basic)
Per Lundmark (Clinical)


Lori Mutsaers (Basic)
Andreas Maetzel (Clinical)


Wendy Whittle (Basic)
Jennifer Mandzia (Clinical)


Antonio Finelli (Basic)
Rhonda Martinussen (Clinical)


Rachel Khadaroo (Basic)
Aimee Nelson (Clinical)


Caterina Di Ciano (Basic)
David Ashburn (Clinical)


Stacey Pollock-Barziv (Basic)
Un Kyong Kwon (Clinical)


Eric Vachon (Basic)
Sherina Tabassum (Clinical)


Simone Birch (Basic)
Prameet Sheth (Clinical)


Simone Birch (Basic)
Prameet Sheth (Clinical)


Matthew Zulys (Basic)
Adrian Laxton (Clinical)


Greer Kirshenbaum (Basic)
David Kideckel (Clinical)


Nadia Sachewsky (Basic)
Massieh Moayedi (Clinical)


Mark Moon (Basic)
Marko Skrtic (Clinical)


Mohammed Sabri (Basic)
Crystal Chan (Clinical)


Amanda Ali (Basic)
Seham Chaker (Clinical)


Cynthia Luk (Basic)
Danielle DeSouza (Clinical)


Shayne Greenberg (Basic)
Jaime Sklar (Clinical)


Angela Brijmohan
Fatima Jessa


Laura Best
Vanessa Williams


Lauren Philp 
Archita Srinath


Lina Elfaki
Sara Mirali




Heather Brooks
Jesse Joynt


Rowaida Hussein
Sarah Watling


Danica Johnson
Brendan Santyr


Jerry Li
Dorothy Kim