Application Deadlines and Requirements

The Institute of Medical Science offers degrees in either a Master of Science (MSc) or a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Learn more about the programs on offer here.

We highly recommend applicants find their supervisor early. Learn how to find a supervisor here.

Please note that all email inquiries should be initiated from institutional email addresses.

Application Deadlines

*The deadline for September 2023 has passed*

The online application for January 2024 is available as of May 5

Early Consideration Deadline – February 1st – now closed

September 2023 application deadline –  June 15th  – now closed

International Application Deadline for September 2023 Entry – April 15th 2023 – now closed


Domestic Applicants

International Applicants

September 2023 Admission



June 15th  2023


April 15th 2023

This will allow processing time for the application and provides ample time for your study permit application. 


January 2024 Admission


October 15th 2023


September 15th 2023

This will allow processing time for the application and provides ample time for your study permit application. 

The early consideration admission deadline for Fall registration is February 1stProspective applicants applying to the February 1st application deadline must submit a complete application by this date.

The IMS has rolling admissions and the Admissions Committee meets once per month from October to July to review completed applications. Once an application has been reviewed by the Committee applicants will be notified both via email and through the online application portal of a decision.

All applicants to the MSc and PhD programs must submit:

  1. Curriculum Vitae (CV) that must include (max 5 pages)
    • Post-secondary Education
    • Research Experiences
    • Academic Productivity (manuscripts and publications, conference presentations and abstracts, etc.)
    • Employment
    • Volunteer Work, Internships, and Extracurricular Activities
  2. Letter of Intent (MSc applicants 1-2 pages; PhD and PhD Direct Entry applicants 5-7 pages)
    • PhD and PhD Direct Entry applicants must also include a Research Proposal. The Research Proposal must be combined with the Letter of Intent on the online application
    • Research questions/specific research area that interests you
    • Preparation for the research area to which you applied
    • Career plans, professional goals
    • List potential supervisors you have been in contact with
    • Other pertinent information (gaps in your academic records, extenuating circumstances for poor grades, leadership roles you have undertaken, collaborative experiences of note, etc.)
  3. Three reference letters
    • Each reference must be a faculty member (assistant professor, associate professor, full professor) at a recognized university
    • At least one of these references should speak to an applicant's research experience
    • A graduate student, teaching assistant, research assistant/associate, manager, sessional lecturer, adjunct professor, or post-doc fellow are not eligible referees
  4. Academic transcript(s)
    • If you are/were a University of Toronto student, you do not need to provide an official transcript for the application.  Please upload a copy of your academic record from ROSI/ACORN as the electronic transcript to your online application
    • The IMS does not require official transcripts for an application to be considered, unofficial transcripts are fine. But if successful, the IMS requires official transcripts for registration in the program
    • Per University of Toronto policy, for transcripts to be considered official, they must come directly from the issuing academic institution to the IMS Office
    • The IMS prefers official transcripts to be sent electronically via email to, but transcripts can also be sent to the IMS Mailing address (see end of page)
    • If applicable, Supervisory Letter 
      • PhD, PhD Direct Entry, and International MSc applicants must have a supervisory letter at the time of application
      • MSc domestic applicants do not need a supervisory letter at the time of applying. However, all successful applicants must have supervisor in place before initial registration in the IMS program
        • If you have secured a supervisor at the time of application, it is strongly recommended that you upload a Supervisory Letter to your online application
    • If applicable, Letter of Protected Time
      •  If you current are in, or will be in a fellowship, clinical training, or residency program the IMS requires a letter confirming that you will be given at least 80% protected time for your graduate research
      • This can come from your proposed supervisor (either in a separate letter, or part of the Supervisory Letter), or department head
    • If applicable, Certified English translations of all documentation written in a language other than English or French
    • If applicable, English Language Proficiency Test
      • Testing results must be sent directly from the testing centre to the University of Toronto, School of Graduate studies. If you take the TOEFL test, the code for forwarding your results is 0982.
      • More information on English Language Proficiency Tests can be found on the SGS website here

    The benefits of submitting an early application for consideration are:

    • More time to secure research supervision
    • Consideration for early awards offered through the School of Graduate Studies
    • Advantage of departmental initiatives

    Supervisors recruiting students

    We are in the process of updating the list of supervisors recruiting students for September 2023 registration.
    find a supervisor at the IMS

    Please see below all the relevant application information, including forms.

    Application Forms

    Application to the Institute of Medical Science graduate program is available online via the School of Graduate Studies

    Your application will be considered after payment of the application fee is received by the School of Graduate Studies and the complete application (including all applicable documentations) is received by the application deadline. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

    It is your responsibility to make sure that all required documents are submitted to the application by the due date. The following checklist items are to be completed via the online application website:

    • Upload your updated CV, Letter of Intent, and copies of your academic transcript(s) from previous institution(s) attended.
    • Reference submissions by referees.
    • If you are a domestic or international applicant applying for entry into the PhD/PhD Direct Entry program, or if you are an international student applying for entry to the MSc  program, you must upload a letter from the potential supervisor indicating acceptance of supervision and funding commitment.

    Additionally, you must request your academic institution(s) to mail official copies of your academic transcript(s) to the IMS office address listed on the transcript request form. 

    English language testing results must be sent directly from the testing centre to the University of Toronto, School of Graduate Studies. If you take the TOEFL test, the code for forwarding your results directly to the University of Toronto, School of Graduate Studies is 0982.

    Supervisory Letter

    All international and PhD applicants must upload a supervisory letter to their online application. 

    Domestic applicants applying to the MSc program do not require a supervisory letter at the time of applying. However, if you have secured a supervisor at the time of application, it is strongly recommended that you upload a Supervisory Letter to your online application

    Letters of supervision should include:

    • Confirmation that your proposed supervisor will be supervising you for the length of your degree (MSc 2 years, PhD Direct Entry 6 years, PhD 5 years)
    • Funding sources
    • Research topic/project
    • Any additional information your proposed supervisor deems relavent

    Letter of Intent/Statement of Interest

    A letter of intent/statement of interest, once completed, should be uploaded to your application profile on the SGS Online Application System. It should briefly describe your previous research experience, outline your future goals, research interests and other pertinent information such as:

    • Research background – Summer/Undergraduate research
    • Potential research area – with identified/approached supervisors, if applicable
    • Other information – {e.g. accessibility services, medical issues, extenuating circumstances, low grades, gap in educational history (i.e. medical reasons, employment), lack of research/opportunity, etc.}
    • PhD applicants must also provide a research proposal


    You may be invited for an interview with a member of the Admissions Committee to discuss your application (either by telephone/Zoom), prior to receiving a decision on your application.

    Admissions Committee Review

    The Committee meets once per month from February to July to review completed applications received for September registration.  Only completed applications will be sent to the Admissions Committee for review.

    The decision of the Admissions Committee is based on the overall evaluation of the application, including transcripts, letters of reference, Letter of Intent/statement of interest, assessment of the applicant’s qualifications according to the standards set by the Institute of Medical Science and the School of Graduate Studies, and assessment of the potential for success in the graduate program.

    The Committee’s decision is not based on any single factor but on the overall evaluation of the application.

    All Admission Committee decisions are final.


    You will be notified via email after your application has been reviewed by the Admissions Committee.   You are advised to schedule a meeting with one of the Graduate Coordinators if you have any questions on the outcome of your application at the end of the admissions cycle.

    Decisions on admission suitability by the Admissions Committee are final and appeals will not be considered.

    After Acceptance

    Conditional offers of admission must be cleared by the set deadline. This allows you to pay your fees and register in the graduate program in a timely fashion.

    It is mandatory for all incoming students attend the "New Student Orientation" session. Routine communication from IMS is sent out throughout the year via email and through the website.

    More information can be found on our After Acceptance page.

    Residency Policy

    Period of Residence

    IMS requires that students must be in a geographical location in proximity to the University's campus to fully participate and benefit from the graduate program.   

    Residence provides the student with an opportunity to become immerse in the intellectual environment of the University.

    International students and students who will be moving to Toronto must be in a geographical location at the time of registration and remain there until thesis defense.

    Still have questions? Visit our FAQ section, join one of our virtual Graduate Information Sessions,  or email our Admissions Officer (

    Ready to apply? Applications to IMS graduate programs must be submitted electronically via the SGS Online Application Portal. More information on the online application can be found on our How to Apply page.