Core Team

Academic Administrators



Dr. Mingyao Liu (On administrative leave)
Tel: 416-946-8286

The Director reports in all academic matters to the Deans of the SGS and the Faculty of Medicine.  The Director is ultimately responsible for all academic and administrative aspects of the IMS graduate program (including faculty and students), in accordance with University of Toronto policies and procedures. He is assisted by the Graduate Coordinators, IMS Committees, and the administrative staff, each of whom have special designated responsibilities.


Acting Director, Graduate Coordinator and Lead, Strategic Priorities 


Dr. Lucy Osborne                                                                    

Tel: 416-978-5012                                                                    



Graduate Coordinators

The Graduate Coordinators are responsible for administration of the graduate program, including:

  • applications, admissions and enrollment procedures
  • approval of faculty on program and defense committees
  • nomination of students for awards, maintenance of current student award status and notification of award opportunities
  • dissemination of policy and procedures to students and faculty
  • meet with students as required on request       


Dr. Isabella Caniggia

Tel: 416-978-5012                                                                    





Dr. John Vincent

Tel: 416-978-5012                                                                    




Chair, Faculty Appointments Commitee

Dr. Karen Gordon

Dr. Karen Gordon is the Chair of the Faculty Appointments Committee in IMS. She is responsible for the review and processing of all applications for graduate faculty appointments and re-appointments to the Institute, making recommendations to the IMS Executive Committee and the Director.




Director, Summer Undergraduate Reasearch Program (SURP)

Dr. Ted Brown

The Director of the Summer Undergraduate Research Program is responsible for the development and implementation of the program.  In collaboration with members of the IMS faculty, the summer research program provides both domestic and international undergraduate students with the opportunity to experience a summer in a laboratory, working on a project in biomedical research.



Director, Professional Development and Alumni Engagement

Dr. Reinhart Reithmeier 

Dr. Reithmeier is leading on the development of graduate professional development (GPD) course modules. These modules will provide graduate students with transferable skills, professional network and experiential learning opportunities to facilitate their transition from school to work. He is also developing initiatives to expand alumni engagement in the IMS.





Director, International Development

Dr. Zhong-Ping Feng

Dr. Feng’s portfolio includes promoting international experiences to IMS graduate students, leading on international recruitment initiatives and developing international programs and partnerships with leading academic institutions.




Director, Curriculum

Nicole Harnett

Prof. Harnett’s portfolio includes chairing the IMS Curriculum Committee, overseeing curriculum development and evaluation and working with course directors and instructors.




Director, Master of Science in Biomedical Communications Program

Dr. Jodie Jenkinson
Tel: 905-569-4263





Director, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee


Dr. Sunit Das

Dr. Das is leading efforts to improve the equity and inclusion of underrepresented and historically marginalized groups in the IMS and ensure diversity in all the IMS communities.



Chair, Awards Committee 

Dr. Chung-Wai Chow

Dr. Chung-Wai Chow's portfolio includes chairing the Awards committee, which establishes policies, reviews, and processes applications for student financial awards by the IMS. 


Chair, SAFE Committee 

Dr. Samantha Anthony aims to increase engagement and connectivity between students, faculty and alumni. As the Chair of the SAFE Committee, she supports student groups, oversees student-led initiatives, and implements new tools and resources to support faculty and alumni engagement.




Chair, Graduate Admissions Committee: TBC

Administrative Staff

The Administrative Staff manage the day-to-day running of the IMS.

Kamila Lear, Business Officer
Tel: 416-978-8886
Human resources, finance, payroll, office management and special issues.




Hazel Pollard, Admissions Officer
Tel: 416-978-5012
Student recruitment, admissions, registration and GEMS Agreement for incoming students.




Sarah Topa, International Program & Partnerships Officer
International programs and activities, International Visiting Graduate Students (IVGS), student group support, communications, website, Co-Chair SAFE Committee, alumni engagement and Temerty Medicine Connect.




Sobiga Vyravanathan, Curriculum & Education Administrator
Course and program requirements, course enrollment, MSC1010-1011Y/H course coordination, Teaching Assistant recruitment, Curriculum Committee support, IMS Scientific Day and Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP).




Emilie DesRosiers, Graduate Program Assistant, MSc
Tel: 416-978-6696
Program Advisory Committee (PAC), Registration and GEMS Agreement for continuing students, Leave of Absence, Program Extension, Transfer Examination, MSc Thesis Guidelines, MSc Final Oral Examination and Program Completion. 





Joanne Lee, Graduate Program & Awards Assistant, PhD
External Awards, Program Advisory Committee (PAC), Registration and GEMS Agreement for continuing students, Candidacy, Leave of Absence, Program Extension, Qualifying Examination, PhD Thesis Guidelines, PhD Final Oral Examination and Program Completion. 






Alicia Sam, Executive Assistant and Faculty Affairs Administrator
Executive Assistant to IMS Director, Faculty Appointments, Internal Awards, Executive Committee and Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Committee support.