Fees & Funding

The University of Toronto requires that all new and continuing doctoral stream students receive an annual student stipend.

A “stipend” refers to the funds a student receives during the program funding commitment period.

Doctoral stream students include IMS MSc and PhD students. It does not include IMS students completing a professional degree (MSc Biomedical Communications).

The annual stipend for all new and continuing students in the MSc program is $28,945.72 living allowance + tuition fees annually, guaranteed for the first two years of the MSc program.

The annual stipend for all new and continuing students in the PhD program is $31,945.72 living allowance + tuition fees annually, guaranteed for the first five years of their program and six years for the PhD Direct Entry program.

Fees and Funding

  Tuition* Living allowance Total Stipend  MAXIMUM Top-up (+$4000)



$8,213.96 (continuing students)












*2023-2024 tuition fees indicated.

For International students, see Funding information here

Top-Up Practices

Award Amount Top-Up**
$0.00 to $2,000 There will be no top-up but the student gets to keep the award(s), up to a combined maximum of $2,000. The amount of the award will not be deducted from the base funding.
$2001 to $9,999 (cumulative awards) Award goes towards the base funding and the student receives a $2,000 top-up over their base funding.
$10,000 to $15,000 (cumulative awards) Award goes towards the base funding and the student receives a $3,000 top-up over their base funding.
Over $15,000 (cumulative awards) Award goes towards the base funding and the student receives a $4,000 top-up over their base funding.


  • The total cumulative top-up maximum is $4,000. That is, if you holds an award between $2,001 to $15,000 and also an award over $15,000, your total top-up is $4,000.
  • Top-up eligibility excludes University of Toronto Fellowship (e.g, UTF Open), Doctoral Completion Awards, and bursaries.
  • Payment of top-ups will occur annually for the duration of the award. Thereafter, you will revert back to the appropriate base funding.
  • If you receive award(s) exceeding the amount equivalent to the base funding and top-up, you will not be eligible to receive a top-up for these award(s).


Click here to download the 2023-24 Harmonized Base Funding Agreement

Fees Payment

The University of Toronto does not mail out fees invoice to students. You are responsible for paying or deferring your fees. Students are to check the Student Web Service (SWS) at www.acorn.utoronto.ca to view their fees invoice that lists all transactions posted to their account. Fee schedules together with incidental fees can be viewed at http://www.fees.utoronto.ca. UHIP charges for international students will be included in the charges on the fees invoice.

The School of Graduate Studies recommends that fees be paid by September 1st 2022 so that payment is processed by the registration deadline of September 16th. The recommended deadline for fees payment for students registering in January 2023 to meet the registration deadline is December 20th 2022.  

Tuition Deferral

Students who are receiving funding as part of the graduate funding package should request to register without payment on ACORN. Students who are receiving funding outside of the funding commitment must make their request with the Institute of Medical Science by completing the Register Without Payment Form. This form can also be found on the SGS website. Once completed, students should send the form to their respective graduate program assistant.

Full payment is due April 30, 2024.

Monthly service charges will be applied against outstanding student account balances beginning May 15th and on the 15th of every month thereafter, until the account is paid in full.

Statement of Agreement (GEMS)

You and your supervisor are required to jointly complete the IMS GEMS Funding annually; before initial registration in an IMS graduate program and before each September registration thereafter.

Registration in the program is contingent upon your completion of the online GEMS with the correct funding amount and submission for approval by the IMS office. Once approved by the IMS office, you will be permitted to continue your registration in the program.

The Statement of Agreement covers the general conditions of supervision, student funding agreement, and conflict of interest guidelines. The submission of the Agreement by you and your supervisor indicates that both comply with the terms and provisions of the Agreement.

Major Awards

Your application for admission will be enhanced if you have peer-reviewed external funding (i.e. CIHR Doctoral Award, NSERC Studentship, Ontario Graduate Scholarship) at the outset of your degree program. Most funding agency deadlines are at least nine months before the start date of the award, and applications require original transcripts and letters of recommendation. Most available Canadian sources of funding give preference to persons with Canadian citizenship or landed immigrant status.

The IMS regularly informs registered students of funding opportunities as they arise. Visit the Awards Section on our website to view current award competitions.

Funding falls into two major categories: 

  1. Internal Awards 
    • IMS awards (UofT Open Fellowships; IMS Entrance Award)
    • UofT Internal Awards (OGS, OSOTF, QEII-GSST, Doctoral Completion Award)
    • Hospital Awards (Restracomp)
  2. External Awards
    • CIHR
    • NSERC
    • HSFO
    • SSHRC

Funding Payment Principles

It is you responsibility to:

  1. read and discuss the statement of agreement with your supervisor,
  2. ensure payment of stipend amounts (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly), and
  3. discuss tuition funding and align with tuition funds payment due dates.

Leave of Absence (LOA) Stipendiary Fund

For research-stream graduate students in the Faculty of Medicine, the Leave of Absence Stipendiary Fund is available for an approved Leave of Absence (LOA) due to health issues (i.e. physical) and/or mental health challenges which temporarily impair a student’s functioning during his/her graduate studies.

Funding is available up to $5,000 per student for one term on a one-time only basis. Ideally, you must submit an application package (as described below) to the Office of Graduate and Life Sciences Education in the Faculty of Medicine (MSB 2360) before the deadline below and prior to the start of your LOA.

Students who remain registered during the requested LOA will not receive LOA Stipendiary Funding.

If you are taking a LOA due to parental leave, the School of Graduate Studies provides funding through the SGS Parental Grant. Please click here for more information. Please note that the SGS Parental Grant is only available to PhD students.

Anticipate taking LOA in Deadline to apply
Winter 2023
(January 2023-April 2023)
Monday, December 5th, 2022
Summer 2023
(May 2023-August 2023)
Monday, April 10th, 2023
Fall 2022
(September 2022-December 2022)
Monday, August 29th, 2022

To apply for the LOA Stipendiary Fund, you will be asked to submit the following package by the appropriate deadline, to the Office of Graduate and Life Sciences Education via email to glse.admin@utoronto.ca.

  1. A completed and signed form (see below) by you and your Graduate Coordinator. Please read the instructions carefully to complete the Final LOA Stipendairy Fund Form
  2. One-page letter explaining the reason(s) for the LOA and how it has impaired your ability to function in your graduate program. Please address the letter to the LOA Stipendiary Fund Committee;
  3. A physician’s note, specifically outlining the physical and mental health issues that impair your functioning in your graduate program. Alternatively, you can also have your physician complete the Verification of Student Illness and Injury.
  4. A copy of your completed SGS Leave of Absence Form . Please note that only Sections 1 and 2 must be completed.

Please note this fund will not count towards your graduate student stipend package.

This fund is not renewable and can only be received once. It is intended to provide one term financial support to the recipient who will NOT receive funding from scholarship(s) or award(s) during this Leave of Absence.

This funding is conditional upon confirmation of an approved Leave of Absence by your graduate unit and the School of Graduate Studies.

Final Year Fees

Details on final year fees for MSc and PhD students can be found here.