After Acceptance

Congratulations on your acceptance into the IMS! The following information will help to get you started in your graduate program at IMS

Offer of Admission

All offers of admission are conditional. Each applicant will have a different set of conditions to clear. These conditions must be cleared by a set deadline in order to be able to pay/defer fees and register in the graduate program.

Some of the common conditions include but are not limited to, securing a supervisor (for domestic Master's students), completion of a current undergraduate program, awaiting official documents, usually receipt of official transcripts, etc.

These conditions are listed on your Letter of Offer.

Where to find an Offer of Admission

An Offer of Admission can be found in the online application portal under 'Decision Document'.

Successful applicants must, respond to the Letter of Offer, sign the document, and upload their decision on the confirmation form to the online application portal.

 Enrolment and Registration

What is the difference between enrolment and registration?

Enrolment refers to signing up in specific courses. Registration refers to you achieving status as a full-time student upon payment or deferral of tuition and fees and clearing your admission conditions. Further information can be found on the SGS website.

Please note that if these admissions conditions have not been cleared by the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) deadline, you will not be able to be a registered student with the IMS at UofT. If you are not able to clear admission conditions by the deadline, a registration deferral to the following semester may be possible.


The IMS holds an Orientation Event twice a year for the Fall and Winter entry students. It is a chance for new incoming students to learn information about the IMS graduate programs, and meet fellow incoming students, faculty and, staff.

Details on Orientation will be communicated to you via email.

Student TCard, UTORid, UTmail+

If you're new to UofT, you will need to activate your UTORid and your UofT email address

It is important to activate your UTORid and UofT email address as important information, like the Stipendiary Agreement (also known as GEMS) can only be sent to a student's UofT email address.

The IMS Office does not issue TCards, UTORids or UofT email addresses. This is done through the TCard Office.


All new incoming students in the IMS are under a guaranteed funding agreement, also known as a GEMS agreement. Funding for Master's students is guaranteed for 2 years, for PhD Direct Entry students funding is guaranteed for 6 years, and funding for PhD students is guaranteed for 5 years.

Graduate Education Management System (GEMS)

Students and supervisors will need to complete a GEMS agreement annually. All GEMS agreements start on September 1st and end August 31st.

Students will be sent an invitation to log into their GEMS agreement to their UofT email address. GEMS agreements must be completed by the student and supervisor before the registration deadline in order to be able to satisfy the admissions funding condition.

GEMS agreements must also be completed in order for students to defer their fees to the end of the Winter semester of a given year.

Students can also log into their GEMS agreement through the link on the GLSE GEMS webpage.


Incoming students are strongly encouraged to apply for any award for which they may be eligible. Visit the IMS Awards webpage and SGS Awards and Funding webpage to locate various Admission Awards for your program.

Residency Policy

IMS requires that students must be in a geographical location in proximity to the University's campus to fully participate and benefit from the graduate program. Residence provides the student with an opportunity to become immersed in the intellectual environment of the University. International students and students who will be moving to Toronto must be in a geographical location at the time of registration and remain there until thesis defense.

In addition, part of the stipendiary funds students receive are allocated as a living allowance, which is one of the reasons the IMS requires students to be living in geographical proximity to UofT.

Selecting Courses

IMS students can enroll in courses online via ACORN. Detailed information on how to use your ACORN account can be found on the Student Web Services Website.

Students must have activated their UTORid and UofT email address in order to be able to use their ACORN account and enroll in courses.

Students will automatically be enroled in MSC1010/1011 and RST9999. You do not have to request those courses on your ACORN account.

For tips on choosing courses, please refer to the Tips and Secrets to Choosing IMS Courses video on our YouTube page.

Resources for International Students

The IMS Office highly recommends that International Students check out the Centre for International Experience.  In addition to helping students with immigration, the CIE also run a myriad of orientation activities.

The IMS Office also recommends checking out The International Portal on the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) website. It provides useful information on what new students may need to do before and just following their arrival to Toronto.

Accessibility, Health and Wellness

Students may have academic accommodation needs based on a physical, sensory, or mental health issue, or learning disability, and disabilities may be permanent, chronic, or temporary. Graduate-specific accommodations are available. For more information, please refer Accessibility Services for more information and to help you get started.

The Temerty Faculty of Medicine is committed to ensuring that our students are supported and academically thrive while engaged in their graduate training.  Mental health and wellness resources and services offered at UofT recognize that students experience and seek help in a variety of ways.

Access to health and wellness resources can found here and here.