Leadership & Committees

Executive Committee 

The Executive Committee, chaired by the IMS Director, Dr. Mingyao Liu, provides guidance and direction in all aspects of the Strategic Plan implementation and decision-making. It helps set out the vision and overall strategic direction, goals and objectives of the IMS, and is the approval body for proposals, policies and initiatives developed by the other IMS committees.

For more information about this committee, please contact Alicia Sam.

2022-2023 Members:

Drs. Samantha Anthony, Isabella Caniggia, Sunit Das, Karen Gordon, Nicole Harnett, Mingyao Liu (Chair), Lucy Osborne and John Vincent.

Leadership Group

The Leadership Group, run by the IMS Associate Director, Dr. Lucy Osborne, provides operational support in all aspects of IMS day-to-day administration. It works to ensure the excellent quality of academic programs by considering proposals for new initiatives and monitoring reviews of existing programs. The group works collectively to action aspects of the Strategic Plan.

For more information about the Leadership Group, please contact Sarah Topa.

2022-2023 Members:

Dr. Samantha Anthony, Dejan Bojic, Dr. Ted Brown, Dr. Isabella Caniggia, Dr. Chung-Wai Chow, Dr. Sunit Das, Vanessa De Gregorio, Dr. Karen Gordon, Dr. Eyal Grunebaum, Prof. Nicole Harnett, Dr. Jodie Jenkinson, Dr. Marianne Koritzinsky, Kamila Lear, Dr. Mingyao Liu, Dr. Lucy Osborne (Chair), Dr. Reinhart Reithmeier, Sarah Topa, Dr. John Vincent and Dr. Catharine Walsh.

Admissions Committee 

The Admissions Committee, chaired by Dr. Eyal Grunebaum, reports to the Executive Committee. It provides thorough review of IMS graduate student applications, makes recommendations for admission, and oversees admission policies. 

For more information about the Admissions Committee, or to inquire about participation, please contact Hazel Pollard.

2022-2023 Members:

Dr. Moumita Barou, Dr. Isabella Caniggia, Dr. Vinod Chandran, Dr. Helen Dimaras, Dr. Nomazulu Dlamini, Michelle Dubinsky, Dr. Peter Giacobbe, Dr. Eyal Grunebaum (Chair), Dr. Katarzyna Jerzak, Dr. Yaping Jin, Dr. Jennifer Jones, Nairy Khodabakhshian, Sandy Lee, Dr. Lucy Osborne, Dr. Martin Post, Dr. Markus Selzner, Dr. Mike Tymianski, Dr. John Vincent, Dr. Jerry Warsh, Dr. Ann Yeh and Dr. Herman Yeger.

Appointments/Membership Committee

The Appointments/Membership Committee, chaired by Dr. Karen Gordon, reviews and processes all applications for graduate faculty appointments and reappointments.  Further details about the application process including forms and deadlines can be found here

For more information about the Appointments/Membership Committee, or to inquire about participation, please contact Alicia Sam.

2022-2023 Members:

Drs. Mahavir Agarwal, Cathy Barr, Ted Brown, Karen Gordon (Chair), John Griffiths, Margaret Hahn, Mojgan Hodaie, Farzad Khalvati, Warren Lee, Derek Ng,  Mohammad Qadura, Clement Zai and Gwyneth Zai.

Awards Committee 

The Awards Committee, chaired by Dr. Chung-Wai Chow, establishes policies, reviews and processes applications for student financial awards administered by the IMS. 

For more information about the Awards Committee, or to inquire about participation, please contact Alicia Sam.

2022-2023 Members:

Dr. Chung-Wai Chow (Chair), Joanne Lee and Alicia Sam.

IMS Representatives at SGS Awards Review Committee: Drs. Urban Emmenneger and Steven Narod.

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee, chaired by Prof. Nicole Harnett, reports to the Executive Committee. It reviews and monitors all course offerings by the IMS and recommends and implements changes to the curriculum. 

For more information about the Curriculum Committee, or to inquire about participation, please contact Sobiga Vyravanathan.

2022-2023 Members:

Dr. Danielle Bentley, Anna Cocco, Dr. Michael Corrin, Lisa Eunyoung Lee, Caitlin Gillan, Dr. John Griffiths, Prof. Nicole Harnett (Chair), Nairy Khodabakhshian, Dr. Marianne Koritzinsky, Tulip Marawi, Dr. Lucy Osborne, Dr. Pascal Tyrrell, Sobiga Vyravanathan, Dr. Catharine Walsh and Dr. Alaa Youssef.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Committee 

The Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Committee, chaired by Dr. Sunit Das, identifies and recommends opportunities and initiatives to improve diverse representation and inclusion of historically marginalized and underrepresented groups in the IMS, and ensures equitable pathways to education, teaching and research.  This Committee reports to the Executive Committee.

For more information about the EDI Committee, click here, or to inquire about participation, please contact Alicia Sam.

2022-2023 Members:

Tibyan Ahmed, Ikran Ali, Noor Al-Kaabi, Dr. Mahavir Agarwal, Prabjit Ajrawat, Amy Chan, Dr. Sunit Das (Chair), Dr. Karen Davis, Gina D'Souza, Sonja Elsaid, Ergi Duli, Layan Elfaki, Dr. Dan Felsky, Lauren Fleshner, Prisca Hsu, Tuana Kant, Segan Kidane, Dr. Farooq Naeem, Anisa Nazir, Anukrati Nigam, Mohsen Poorganji, Abimbola Saka, Alicia Sam (Staff Lead), Sherald Sanchez, Shu'ayb Simmons, Sajeevan Sujanthan, Kowsar Teymouri, Dr. Pascal Tyrrell, Giorge Voutsas and Dr. Clement Zai and Dr. Gwyneth Zai.

Student, Staff, Alumni and Faculty Engagement (SAFE) Committee 

The Student, Staff, Alumni, and Faculty Engagement (SAFE) Committee, is Chaired by Dr. Samantha Anthony and Co-Chaired by Sarah Topa. The committee aims to create engagement and connectivity in a community that is often working in isolation amongst siloed research areas and hospital sites. The SAFE Committee supports the IMS student groups and associations, oversees a variety of student-led initiatives and activities, and implements new tools and resources to support increased faculty and alumni engagement.

For more information about the SAFE Committee, please contact Sarah Topa.

2022-2023 Members:

Noor Al Kaabi, Dr. Mahavir Agarwal, Dr. Samantha Anthony (Chair), Dr. Karolina Bidzinski, Dejan Bojic, Stacey Butler, Dr. Gabriella Chan, Dr. Nabilah Chowdhury, Vanessa De Gregorio, Shaghayegh Foroozan Boorjeni, Dr. Anna Gagliardi, Ali Golbabaei, Nairy KhodabakshianJason Lo Hog Tian, Anna Mandel, Dr. Helen Miliotis, Nayaab Punjani, Veena Sanmuganathan and Sarah Topa (Co-Chair).

Student Recruitment Committee 

The Student Recruitment Committee helps plan and guide our student recruitment strategy, in order to continue to attract outstanding and diverse students to our graduate program and research labs.  It is chaired by Dr. Markus Selzner and Co-Chaired by Sarah Topa. 

For more information about the Committee, please contact Sarah Topa.

2022-2023 Members:
Noor Al Kaabi, Alex Boshart, Dr. Ted Brown, Taso Daskalakis, Emilie DesRosiers, Rachel Liu, Anna Mandel, Mahmudul Mannan, Dr. Lucy Osborne, Dr. Markus Selzner (Chair), Sajeevan Sujanthan and Sarah Topa (Co-Chair)