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The IMS is hiring!

The Institute of Medical Science turns 50 this year! In honour of this occasion there are a series of special IMS 50th Anniversary events […]

Dr. Mingyao Liu appointed to the James and Mary Davie Chair in Lung Injury, Repair and Regeneration

Congratulations to our Director Dr. Mingyao Liu on this appointment to the James and Mary Davie Chair in Lung Injury, Repair and […]

Craig Madho and Petri Takkala receive UTGSU Graduate Community Development Fund Award

Congratulations to PhD candidate Petri Takkala and TRP student and IMSSA co-president Craig Madho on receiving a University of Toronto […]

Dr. Gary Levy receives 2018 Dean’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Congratulation to IMS Faculty Dr. Gary Levy for receiving this prestigious award. Dr. Levy has been a member of IMS for more than thirty […]

IMS students compete in UofT 3MT Finals on April 10!

The Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition requires students to explain their doctoral research in under three minutes, with only a single, […]

Dr. Norman Rosenblum named Scientific Director of the CIHR Institute of Nutrition, Metabolism and Diabetes

We would like to congratulate Dr. Norman Rosenblum on this prestigious appointment. Dr. Rosenblum has been a long-standing member of the […]

TRP Sessional Lecturer and TA positions available

The following positions are currently available with our Translational Research Program.

Sessional Lecturer

Blog Posts

IMS students win 2018 Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award

Congratulations to our students who received a 2018 Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award for their outstanding volunteer contributions […]

What exactly is translational research? TRP students tackle this question in BiteSized TRP ep. 1!

Important Dates

Fall session 2018:

  • July 16 - Registration for Fall session begins
  • August 6 - Civic Holiday (University closed)
  • August 24 - […]

Graduate Student Stress: How PhD student Elli Weisbaum applies mindfulness to her research and herself

By Elli Weisbaum. It’s a snowy evening in February, and what has brought twenty plus graduate students from the Institute of Medical S […]

Faculty Focus: New publications from Dr. Ren-Ke Li

Jiao Li, Shu-Hong Li, Jun Wu, Richard D. Weisel, Alina Yao, William L. Stanford, Shi-Ming Liu, Ren-Ke Li. Young […]

Biomedical Communications: Andrea Gauthier, Shelley Wall and Jodie Jenkinson

From: View to the U: An eye on UTM research

Comics, gaming, visualizations, healthcare, learning, and communication integrated via […]

Molly Shoichet

Congratulations to IMS Faculty Dr. Molly Shoichet for being named Ontario’s first Chief-Scientist

From www.ontario.ca University Professor and IMS Faculty Member Dr. Molly Shoichet has been named Ontario's first Chief Scientist. In […]

You are what your breathe – lessons from bench to bedside in the field

Dr. Chung-Wai Chow MD, PhD, FRCPC Associate Professor, University of Toronto https://youtu.be/Al4IGLaOygI

Radio-immunotherapy for the treatment of mesothelioma: from bench to bedside

Marc de Perrot MD, MSc Associate Professor of Surgery, University of Toronto https://youtu.be/dwjgHs6OwEU

New directions in cancer imaging: Activating drugs in situ

Naomi Matsuura PhD, PEng Director, Translation and Attrition Department of Medical Imaging, University of Toronto https://youtu.be/FFwj2TIr8hU