Feb 24, 2023

REACHing with Survivors Receives IMS Jay Keystone Award 2023

By Sarah Topa
Jay Keystone Award Recipients
L-R: Priya Brahmbhatt​, Maggie Chen and Christian Lopez

The IMS is pleased to announce that the recipients of the 2023 Jay Keystone Memorial Award for Innovation in Scientific Communication are Priya Brahmbhatt​, Maggie Chen and Christian Lopez for their initiative REACHing with Survivors. This virtual Twitter event aims to bridge the gap between cancer survivorship researchers and public audiences.

REACHing with Survivors will take place on National Cancer Survivors Day, June 4, 2023, in partnership with Cancer Survivor Social Media. With support from the organizing committee, researchers will be invited to create short and engaging educational videos about their work. The videos will be shared throughout the day on Twitter, with researchers participating in a virtual live Q&A following its release. 

This unique science communication initiative facilitates patient-centered knowledge translation on current research, while also enabling public audiences to interact with experts and better understand how research findings relate to their personal and social context.

​​Christian Lopez is a Kinesiologist at the Cancer Rehab and Survivorship (CRS) Program at UHN and an IMS PhD candidate interested in implementation science. He is also a science writer for the Raw Talk Podcast

​Priya Brahmbhatt is a Kinesiologist in the UHN Prehabilitation Program and a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Kinesiology interested in bridging the gap between cancer treatment completion and cardiac rehabilitation in women with breast cancer.

​Maggie Chen is a Kinesiologist and research analyst in the UHN Prehabilitation Program with an interest in science communication. 

The team is also supported by IMS faculty advisor ​Dr. Jennifer Jones, who is a Senior Scientist, Butterfield Drew Chair in Cancer Survivorship Research, and the Director of the CRS Program at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

Congratulations to Christian, Priya and Maggie!