Dec 15, 2023

IMS Staff in Spotlight at Temerty Medicine

Adapted from a Temerty Medicine news story by Blake Eligh

Excellence took centre stage at the Temerty Faculty of Medicine's 2023 Staff Impact and Long Service Awards reception in Hart House on Tuesday, Nov. 28.

This is the tenth year for the annual celebration, which recognized 51 staff members for individual and team contributions and commemorated those celebrating significant anniversaries with the university.

Interim Dean Patricia Houston thanked the awardees and acknowledged the pivotal role of staff in supporting the Temerty Medicine mission.

“While the spotlight often shines on our esteemed faculty and learners, these awards celebrate and honour the staff who are equally critical to our success,” Houston told the crowd.

“Every day, in countless ways, you rise to meet challenges and collaborate with colleagues to solve problems with creativity and enthusiasm. You embody the very best that our community has to offer.”


Sarah and Sobiga Staff Impact Award
Sobiga Vyravanathan and Sarah Topa

The IMS was thrilled that two of our staff members, Sarah Topa and Sobiga Vyravanathan were among the Staff Impact Award recipients

Congratulations to Sarah Topa, Senior Partnerships & Communications Officer, for receiving the Emerging Leadership Award. Sarah's exceptional leadership across initiatives, communication improvements and student experience enhancements has driven success and growth within IMS programs. 

Congratulations to Sobiga Vyravanathan, Curriculum & Education Administrator, for receiving the Engagement Champion Award. Sobiga's proactive and dedicated approach to enhance educational initiatives at IMS highlights her as an exemplary administrator and role model for all stakeholders involved. 

The IMS is lucky to have such a dedicated and talented staff team that works tirelessly to support students and enhance the IMS graduate experience.