Associate Professor  |  Full Member

Andrew Advani

St. Michael's Hospital
Research Interests
Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Metabolism, Health Services/Policy/Education/Knowledge Translation
Research Themes
Endocrine, Gastroenterology
MSc, PhD

Research Keywords

Diabetes, kidney, heart disease, diabetes complications, chronic kidney disease, acute kidney injury, inflammation, epigenetics, patient experience

Research Methods

Animal models, cell culture, histology, microscopy, renal function, cardiovascular function, molecular biology, clinical trials, qualitative methods 

Research Synopsis

Despite current treatments, people with diabetes continue to be affected by the long-term consequences of the disease. These long-term consequences include kidney disease, eye disease, nerve disease and heart disease. Kidney disease due to diabetes is the most common cause of kidney failure requiring treatment with dialysis or a kidney transplant and people with kidney disease are much more likely to die from heart disease. The Advani Lab is committed to conducting research on the causes of kidney disease in diabetes and on the links between kidney disease and heart disease. Through this research, Dr. Advani aims to develop new and better treatments for diabetes to reduce the burden of the condition on the millions of people affected.