Student, Staff, Alumni, and Faculty Engagement (SAFE) Committee


The Institute of Medical Science Student, Staff, Alumni, and Faculty Engagement (SAFE) Committee aims is to create engagement and connectivity in a community that is often working in isolation amongst siloed research areas and hospital sites. 

The SAFE Committee supports student groups and associations, oversees a variety of student-led initiatives and activities, and implements new tools and resources to support increased faculty and alumni engagement. 


Our vision is to provide accessible spaces, physical and virtual, for staff, students, alumni, and faculty to connect and collaborate on initiatives that improve the IMS graduate student experience. We aim to leverage the diverse experiences of our committee to contribute to enriching and enhancing our programs and offerings. SAFE plays a role in shaping the IMS brand and identity, and is a vital voice of change within the IMS community.  

Committee Membership 

Are you a current student part of an IMS student group, faculty member, or alumnus? Do your values align with our vision and purpose? Join the Committee as a member! 

Your responsibility as a Committee member is to: 

  • Contribute to brainstorming activities
  • Advocate for new initiatives and areas of focus, and
  • Participate in sub-committee working groups to organize and deliver approved projects

The SAFE Committee will meet bi-monthly for up to two hours, with a break over the summer months (June-August). All members are expected to actively participate on the committee; however, we will strive for flexibility and accommodation where possible.

Members are required to attend at least two meetings per year (approximately 25%). 

For more information, please email us.