Assistant Professor  |  Associate Member

Sean Nestor

Sunnybrook Health Science Centre
Research Interests
Neuromodulation, neuroimaging, human brain mapping, therapeutic brain stimulation, rTMS, ECT, MRgFUS, DBS, concurrent TMS-fMRI, multivariate analyses, clinical trials, treatment resistant psychiatric disorders.
Research Themes
Neuroscience, Brain Health
Summer Undergraduate, MSc

Research Synopsis

Dr. Nestor’s research interests involve the development and optimization of neuroimaging based biomarkers for the circuit-based diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders. His lab uses multimodal imaging techniques including functional and structural magnetic resonance imaging for biomarker development and validation, investigating biological mechanisms of brain network disruption across the lifespan, and is involved with conducting therapeutic trials using neuromodulation modalities such as repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation, electroconvulsive therapy, deep brain stimulation, and high frequency magnetic resonance guided focused ultrasound.