Temerty Medicine Connect

Temerty Medicine Connect

Temerty Medicine Connect is a digital social network that connects members of the IMS and broader Temerty Medicine community. The platform uniquely facilitates meaningful engagement among students, staff, alumni and faculty.

The website is powered by Graduway, a cloud-based service that offers a customizable platform for schools, colleges and universities to build relationships with their constituents and bring them closer to their institutions.

Key features of the platform include:

  • IMS Premium Group
  • IMS sub-groups such as IMSSA, Raw Talk, P2P Mentorship, UofT Talks, IMS Magazine, IMS International and more
  • Mentorship tools
  • Searchable directory and messaging
  • Content sharing (resources, news, photos, events, job postings, etc.)

Signing up is easy, secure and can be done using your existing LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google accounts.