Temerty Medicine Connect

Temerty Medicine Connect — our new online career development and networking platform.

Powered by Graduway, Temerty Medicine Connect,  a third-party online platform, connects graduate students and faculty in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine’s Institute of Medical Science with members of our broader alumni community.

The IMS is dedicated to improving our graduates’ experiences beyond even graduate school itself. As many of our alumni continue on to diverse career paths in the public and private sectors, Temerty Medicine Connect will provide unique opportunities to stay in touch with your peers, provide mentorship to current students and gain access to up-to-date job boards, news and events. We are keen to stay connected with you and to celebrate your continued career development and success.

The Temerty Medicine Connect platform will provide members with:

  • Customized alumni groups
  • Job boards and feeds, tailored to each member's needs
  • Curated news, events, programs and updates
  • Mentorship and networking opportunities
  • Career guidance and professional development courses

We hope you will join Temerty Medicine Connect. When doing so, you will automatically become a member of the IMS Premium Group, allowing you to connect with IMS alumni, graduate students and faculty. Signing up is easy and secure, and can be done using your existing LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google accounts.