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Tamadher Alghamdi

dr-advani-team-portraits-and-group_high-res-8-of-38 Name: Tamadher Alghamdi
Title: St. Michael’s Site Director
Email: tamadher.alghamdi@mail.utoronto.ca

About me:

Tamadher Alghamdi is an international PhD student who is well traveled. She was born in Pakistan, grew up in Egypt, lived in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Turkey and eventually decided to come to Canada to pursue her postgraduate studies. Tamadher is currently conducting her PhD studies, under the supervision of Dr. Andrew Advani, at St. Michael’s Hospital. Her research focuses on understanding the biology of kidney cells and the causes of kidney damage in diabetes. She is glad to be part of IMSSA as the St. Michael’s Hospital Site Representative for the 2016-2017 academic year.