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Statement of Agreement


The Statement of Agreement covers the general conditions of supervision, student funding agreement, and conflict of interest guidelines. Both the student and supervisor will benefit from the assurance of an agreed amount and duration of personal funding, a clear understanding of their roles in both seeking and maintaining student funding, and a clear understanding of the implications of a student’s decision to waive funding. Any assurance of provision of a graduate stipend is limited to the availability and duration of assured fund sources (i.e. 5 years of operating grant funding cannot be guaranteed from a 2-year grant).

Student and supervisor are required to jointly complete the online Graduate Student Information System (GradSIS) Statement of Agreement before initial degree registration at the start of every new academic year in September.  Without the completion of the online Statement of Agreement, students will not be able to register in the degree program or have their fees deferred.

Legal Document

The online approval of student and supervisor indicates intent to abide by the terms and provisions of this agreement.  This statement is a legal document.  In the event that a student grievance is brought to the IMS or to the School of Graduate Studies, this agreement will be carefully reviewed and considered in the final decision.  Registration in the graduate program will not proceed without the completion of this document.

GradSIS – The Graduate Student Funding Information System

GradSIS is the online repository of the Statement of Agreement for all graduate students. GradSIS allows new and continuing graduate students to initiate their annual formal funding agreement online.

Students will receive an email notification inviting them to complete the online Statement of Agreement document. The email will contain pertinent information and instructions on accessing GradSIS.  Once completed, by pressing the submit button the system will electronically forward the submitted agreement to the supervisor and then to the IMS for revision and/or approval.  The information is used to ensure compliance with funding policies and maintain data on funding across the Faculty of Medicine.

All doctoral-stream (MSc/PhD) students must have a form completed and approved by their supervisor on GradSIS by the end of Registration period.

All students

Check on ROSI/ACORN to make sure that your EMAIL address is current and correct. Your ROSI/ACORN Email is used to generate invitations and notifications from MedSIS.