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How to Register

IMS students register annually as full-time students and must maintain continuous registration  until degree completion. A student is considered registered as soon as he or she has paid tuition and incidental fees, or has made arrangements for a fees deferral, and has his or her Graduate Education Management System (GEMS) funding agreement form approved by the IMS Office.

Students are expected to maintain their full-time status at all times. Off campus study is not encouraged. If you wish to spend some time studying off campus, please contact the IMS office and set up an appointment with the Graduate Coordinator to further discuss studying off campus.

Statement of Agreement

All students and supervisors must complete the online Graduate Education Management System (GEMS) document. Student and supervisor must jointly complete the Agreement document before initial degree registration and at the start of every new academic year in September. Students will receive an e-mail notification inviting them to complete the online Statement of Agreement document. The e-mail will contain instructions on completing the form.  Without the completion of the online Statement of Agreement, students will not be able to register in the degree program or have their fees deferred.

For further details on the Statement of Agreement click here.


Students will receive regular communication from the IMS throughout the year by email and via the website. You are required to record a University of Toronto issued email address in ACORN. We will only correspondence to your University of Toronto issued email address.

The School of Graduate Studies Calendar can be found online. The IMS Student Handbook is given to all new students at the New Student Orientation each September.


All IMS graduate students require a TCard, which serves as student card and library card, and initiates creation of your U of T email address. The photo ID cards can be obtained from the Koffler Student Services Centre (214 College Street).


Your email address is extremely important to us as it is the primary means of communication for the IMS! Under the Policy on Official Correspondence with Students, students are required to record a University issued email address in ACORN. Students may have email forwarded from their University issued account to another but we will only send correspondence to the University issued email address. UTmail+ accounts can be set up once a UTORid is activated.

Always inform the IMS office of a change to your email or mailing address and record the information on ACORN.

U of T Portal

Access to the University’s student portal and learning management system requires the UTORID username and password provided when the T-Card is created. Students must activate the UTORID in order to access the services and course information hosted on the portal.

For information on how you can create an email account, see the UTORid website.