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General Fee Information

A student is registered when a Statement of Agreement has been completed and approved, and a tuition payment has been made. This may include the deferral of payment (see below). Students must pay or defer fees by the date indicated on their fees invoice (usually the end of August for full year registration, or the end of December for winter term only registration).

Fee schedules together with incidental fees can be viewed on the Student Accounts website.

Please make sure that your mailing address and email address are updated on ROSI/ACORN when you pay your fees

Accessing an Invoice and How to Pay Fees

The Student Accounts Office does not mail fees invoices and information sheets. Students must check their invoice on the ROSI/ACORN website.  Fees payment information is included in your invoice and is available on the Student Accounts website (under School of Graduate Studies). Students can pay fees as soon as their invoice is updated on ROSI/ACORN. This will occur following the fee assessment about 6 weeks before the beginning of the term.

Students who are paying fees outside Canada may forward payment by certified cheque or money order in Canadian funds directly to the Student Accounts Office, Financial Services Department, 215 Huron St.

Extra Fees

Students are assessed fees for all programs for which they have been given a final offer of admission, unless the offer was refused. New students who have received multiple offers of admission from U of T and have not refused them will find multiple fees assessed.

Students who have finished all degree requirements but not convocated yet, may fine the next term’s fee posted on ROSI/ACORN. This will be adjusted when your degree completion has been processed.

No Fees

New students whose ROSI/ACORN invoice is not updated have probably not yet cleared severe conditions for admission. Students can pay fees/register after conditions of admission are cleared by the IMS office. Contact the Admissions Officer for help.

Continuing students will not be able to pay fees/register if they have not cleared conditions from the previous year or they have allowed their registration to lapse. Contact the Admissions Officer for help.

Final Year Fees

Details on final year fees for MSc and PhD students can be found here.

Fees Deferrals

All students must make arrangements for payment of their tuition fees prior to or at the start of each academic year. A tuition fee deferral can be made when students are not able to pay their fees in full but are receiving a major scholarship or other funding which is equal to or greater than the minimum first payment indicated on ROSI/ACORN. A tuition deferral does not mean that fees are not outstanding; the deferral permits a student to register without making a fees payment and also determines when service charges accrue on outstanding accounts.

A tuition fee deferral can be made if students meet the following requirements:

  • Has a full funding package, award, research stipend, or teaching assistantship which covers at least the minimum tuition fee. Complete the Fee Deferral Form and submit it to the IMS Office.  The IMS will confirm submission deadlines and email students to confirm the fees arrangement has been processed.
  • OSAP and other loans – the deferral must be completed by the School of Graduate Studies. OSAP deferrals can only be processed by presenting a Notice of Assessment to the School of Graduate Studies.
  • US Loans – the deferral must be completed by the School of Graduate Studies.

Fees cannot be deferred for new students until the student accepts the offer of admission and clears admission conditions or for students who have arrears over $100 in their accounts.

Reinstatement Fee

Students whose time limit for the degree completion has expired and are now returning to defend a thesis (for a maximum of 12 months), are required to be reinstated and pay a one session reinstatement fee. Students who are reinstated before the time for the degree completion are responsible for fees for sessions they have not registered in but were required to do so.

Late Registration Fee

After the registration deadline, a fee of $44 plus $5 per day to a maximum of $94 will be charged. Late registrants must go directly to SGS to register and bring proof of fees payment or a deferral request.

In mid-September, SGS will cancel the registration of all students who have not yet registered and students will be required to register and pay the late fee at SGS. All course enrolments will be canceled and students will have to re-enroll by the enrolment deadline.

Please note that students who do not register by the deadline will not receive T2202A tuition credit for the month of September.

Tax Receipts

Your T2202A Education Tax receipt will be available on ROSI/ACORN at the beginning of the calendar year.  Remember, the receipt reflects fees paid in the calendar year (January to December) and not the academic year (September to August).  Tax receipts for student stipends are processed through the Payroll office that paid out the award.

University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP)

The University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) is compulsory for all international students. Dependents must enroll within 30 days of their arrival.

The International Student Centre is responsible for administering UHIP, distributing cards, processing exemptions and refunds, as well as answering questions. Contact the UHIP administrator by email or phone at 978-0290 or visit the ISC UHIP website.

Information on how to opt out of UHIP, in special circumstances, is available at the Graduate Students Union website.