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IMS Scientific Day 2020 – CANCELLED

Please note: IMS Scientific Day has been cancelled due to COVID-19 until further notice.


The Annual Scientific Day is the academic highlight of the year. It is designed to highlight student achievements, teaching excellence and to provide opportunities for students to work on presentation skills and for faculty and students to interact.  All faculty and students are encouraged to attend.

We were honoured to have Dr. Jeff Biernaskie, PhD present the 2020 Bernard Langer Annual Lecture in Health Sciences keynote address.


Dr. Biernaskie is an Assistant Professor of Stem Cell Biology and course lecturer in developmental neurobiology, cell biology, embryology and is also the coordinator for the graduate course in Regenerative Medicine. His research focuses on dermal stem cells located within hair follicles and exploiting these cells to develop novel therapies for improved wound healing after burn injury. His lab also studies peripheral glial cell biology and development of treatments for improved nervous system repair.



2020 Symposium Lecturers: TBD

General Information:

Scientific Day takes place in May each year. Students are invited to compete for a number of student awards, including the Laidlaw Manuscript Competition and the Alan Wu Poster Competition. Presentation at Scientific Day is also a mandatory component of degree completion for all research based and doctoral stream MSc and PhD students. IMS faculty members and students will be updated via email of competition deadlines and Scientific Day events.

For further details on Scientific Day, you may read the IMS Scientific Day Memo 2020. It contains important details, including information regarding Scientific Day presentations, a compulsory component of the MSC1010/1011Y course.