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Shanna Stanley-Hasnain

Name: Shanna Stanley-Hasnain
Title: Vice President
Email: shanna.stanley.hasnain@mail.utoronto.ca

About me:

Hello!! I am currently a second year Master’s student at IMS, conducting molecular cardiology research in Dr. Phyllis Billia’s lab at the Toronto General Hospital. I am a recent graduate from UofT, and the focus of my undergraduate studies was primarily on molecular genetics, immunology, and their role in health and disease. During my master’s, I hope determine a mechanism to induce cardiomyocyte regeneration through the manipulation of miRNAs. As a part of IMSSA, my goal is to create a stronger sense of community within the department, promote health and wellbeing for our grad students, and bring people together to make their time at IMS a memorable one. I also play volleyball on our epic IMSSA co-ed intramural team!