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Ruwandi Kariyawasam

Name: Ruwandi Kariyawasam
Title: MaRS Site Director
Email: ruwandi.kariyawasam@mail.utoronto.ca
Contact Information:

About me:

I am currently a first year Master of Science student at the Institute of Medical Sciences, working in a lab under the supervision of Dr. Andrea Boggild, Clinical Director of the Tropical Disease Unit at Toronto General Hospital. My work will focus on understanding the role of Leishmania RNA virus-1 (LRV-1) in the pathogenesis of American Tegumentary Leishmaniasis, a neglected tropical disease endemic in South America, Central Africa and South and Central Asia. I completed my undergraduate degree at McMaster University with a focus on evolutionary genetics. Apart from the lab, I enjoy undertaking any musical or sports related activities, including using my musical talents to contribute to the community.