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SURP Research Day

2015 Keynote Speaker Dr. Karen Davis, Professor and Senior Scientist in the Division of Brain, Imaging and Behaviour at the Toronto Western Research Institute had this to say about the SURP program:

Karen DavisI consider the SURP program to be of utmost importance for the development of the next generation of scientists.  I think that the importance of summer programs can often be neglected and many administrators and potential funders under-appreciate the key role that SURP plays.  I have had the great fortune to have had many years of outstanding graduate students and many faculty often ask me my secret to finding and choosing such graduate students.  My answer is quite simple.  I look for graduating undergraduate students who have had extensive research experience, not just in an undergraduate course but through a summer program.  In my experience, these students always have developed “readiness” for graduate studies, with deep understanding of research, writing and presentation skills unmatched those that have not had these experiences.  An additional benefit to the students is that often after a summer research program, they are included as authors in publications and this gives them an advantage in being able to secure scholarships. So, hats off to you and SURP!

The Summer Research Program (SURP) holds Data Blitz Presentations to highlight the kinds of research our faculty are involved in.  You can watch videos of these presentations below.