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Professional Masters Programs

The Institute of Medical Science houses two Professional Masters Programs:

Master of Science in Biomedical Communication (MScBMC)
Master of Health Science in Translational Research (MHSc Translational Research)


Master of Science in Biomedical Communications


The Master of Science in Biomedical Communications (MScBMC), is a two-year professional master’s degree, within the Institute of Medical Sciences.

Biomedical Communications is an interdisciplinary profession that bridges the disciplines of art, science, medicine and communication. Theories of design and communication are combined with scientific knowledge gained from basic and clinical science courses to produce visual material for use in the teaching of science, medicine and health promotion, and the formulation of hypotheses and research goals as part of the process of scientific discovery. Through the selection of appropriate content and media, the analysis of target audience, and the evaluation of communication instruments, the effectiveness of original visual communication material is further enhanced.

For more information see the Biomedical Communications website.


Master of Health Science in Translational Research

The Translational Research Program (TRP) in health science is a two year masters program designed to provides students with the skills for iterative (repeated and process driven) interdisciplinary problem solving to help them integrate knowledge and skills, to propose, refine, and execute translational research projects that:

  • generate new questions;
  • improve access, reorganize the coordination of systems of care,
  • help clinicians and patients to change behaviors and make more informed choices.

The Translational Research Program can be thought of as the bridging mechanism between knowledge and practice.

For more information visit the Master of Health Science in Translational Research website.