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Collaborative Programs

Are you looking to further specialize your degree?

Collaborative Programs - StudentsJoining a collaborative program gives you the opportunity to explore an area of research in depth and gives you a specialization designation from the School of Graduate Studies upon the complete of your IMS degree.

The Institute of Medical Science is a participating member of several collaborative programs, listed below.  Students interested in registering for any collaborative program should contact the IMS for further details.



Collaborative programs include:

Indigenous Health Global Health (PhD)
Aging, Palliative and Supportive Care Across the Life Course Women’s Health
Addiction Studies  Health Services and Policy Research
Bioethics Human Development (PhD)
Biomedical Engineering Knowledge Media Design
Biomedical Toxicology Musculoskeletal
Cardiovascular Sciences Neurosciences
Environment and Health Resuscitation Sciences
Developmental Biology  Genome Biology and Bioinformatics (PhD)

Collaborative Programs are an addition to a regular degree program. Collaborative programs provide a structured program of study, including appropriate graduate supervision, courses, seminars. Program requirements are completed in addition to the regular degree requirements of the IMS graduate program.

Students are admitted to Collaborative programs either at the time of admission or later during their program. Students must be registered in the home department before they can be enrolled in a Collaborative program. All degree requirements of both the degree program and the Collaborative program must be completed. In some Collaborative programs, courses completed to fulfill the requirements of the Collaborative program may also be used to fulfill the degree requirements of the MSc or PhD program. When the requirements of a Collaborative program have been completed, a notation indicating completion of the Collaborative program will be added to the student’s transcript.