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IMS students compete in UofT 3MT Finals on April 10!

By Sarah Topa

APRIL 9, 2018

The Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition requires students to explain their doctoral research in under three minutes, with only a single, static slide as a visual aid. The goal is to train the next generation of scholars to explain the nature and impact of their research to non-specialist audiences, in order to be more effective advocates for their work and the work of their disciplines. You can find more information, including videos of previous finalists, by clicking here.

Three IMS students are competing in this year’s UofT Divisional Heat:

Jack Brzezinski

Talk: Using Epigenetic for Precision Cancer Care




Richie Jeremian

Talk: DNA, complex disorders and aging: Insights from an unlikely source




Geith Maal-Bared

Talk: The Neural Circuits of Addiction: How Pleasure Becomes Desire




Don’t miss their exciting talks!

Presentations by the finalists of U of T’s 3MT  Divisional Heats takes place on April 10, from 6-8pm.

Location: Room 1105, Sanford Fleming Building, 10 King’s College Road

The 3MT® events are open to the public. Participants and guests are asked to arrive well before the competition starts, as space is limited and access to the rooms will be closed during the presentations.