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IMS Launches Season 2 of ‘Raw Talk Podcast’


SEPTEMBER 13, 2017

IMS Launches Season 2 of ‘Raw Talk Podcast’

Scientists talk, we listen: A graduate student-run podcast that brings autobiographical stories, candid insights, and bold advice from U of T scientists.

Raw Talk Podcast Team Photo

Standing (top row, from left): Jabir Mohamed, Anton Rogachov, Craig Madho, James Saravanamuttu, Joël Chan, Richie Jeremian, Akshayan Vimalanathan. Standing (bottom row, from left): Ekaterina An, Eryn Tong, Swapna Mylabathula, Grace Jacobs, Alexandra Mogadam, Melissa Galati, and Chung-Ho Leung. (Absent: Marija Zivcevska).


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The University of Toronto is home to thousands of biomedical researchers, united in their goal to understand the fundamental underpinnings of life, health and disease. While this diversity and breadth in research is in itself a good thing, it makes it difficult to foster a sense of community, especially in large departments. Galvanized by their passion for science advocacy, a group of graduate students at the Institute of Medical Science sought to unite the voices of students, faculty and alumni of the Faculty of Medicine. The result: Raw Talk Podcast.

Since its launch in 2016, Raw Talk has ventured across campus and back, capturing the breadth of research at U of T, and the scientists behind it. In the first season, the team explored topics like defining optimal mental health, the art and science of biomedical illustration, and the latest advances in treatment for epilepsy, to name a few.

After releasing its first 21 episodes, the Raw Talk Podcast forges ahead in its mission to feature world-class research and share insightful conversations across a wide range of topics, including medical professionalism, neuro-oncology, and infectious diseases. The show’s second season will debut on Friday September 15th, and will feature a sneak peek of future episodes, testimonials from past guests, and reflections from the team on their journey through podcasting.

New episodes will be released every other Friday through August 2018. Listen and download at rawtalkpodcast.com, Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, and Stitcher Radio.