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Dr. Ren-Ke Li awarded CHRP grant to develop new biomaterial-based treatments for cardiac arrhythmias

By Sarah Topa

AUGUST 28, 2018

IMS Faculty member, Principle Investigator and Toronto General Hospital Research Institute Senior Scientist, Dr. Ren-Ke Li, along with collaborators Drs. Yu Sun, Paul Santerre, and Soroor Sharifpoor were awarded a Collaborative Health Research Projects grant partnered with the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. This grant will fund collaborative work to develop new biomaterial-based treatments for cardiac arrhythmias. Following a heart attack, scarred heart tissue forms and interferes with the normal electrical conduction of the heart, significantly increasing the risk for potentially fatal arrhythmias. Dr. Li and his team will focus on developing and utilizing biomaterials to restore the electrical conduction of the damaged heart to reduce the incidence of deadly arrhythmias in heart patients.