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Congratulations to IMSSA for organizing a fabulous holiday party!

By Sarah Topa

JANUARY 9, 2018

In December, IMSSA organized a wonderful Great Gatsby themed holiday party for IMS students, faculty and staff. It was great to take some time to socialize and celebrate the end of a successful year.

We’d like to congratulate the IMSSA vice-presidents Bryanna Nyhof and Dalia Kagramanov, along with the Holiday Party Subcommittee, for doing such a great job.

Committee members:

Keith Colaco
Abby Farrell
Marija Zivcevska
Daniel Wang
Rachel Dadouch
Bowen Zhang
Joel Tan
Yousef Manialawy
Sinthu Pathmanapan
Helen Liu
Hening Sun
Laura Kim
Susana Da Silva
Mansur Naeem
Maryam Bagherzadeh
Katie Lye
Bushra Yusuf
Laurel Etkin
Taylor Gillmore
Abanti Tagore
Alina Zgardau
Erika Opingari
Katie Lye
Chris Rodgers