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Marmendia Meester

Name: Marmendia Meester
Title: MaRS Rep
Email: marmendia.meester@mail.utoronto.ca
About me:
I came from the Netherlands to Toronto to study mechanisms of protein homeostasis for my PhD in the research group of dr. Marianne Koritzinsky. Both my undergraduate and Master’s program were focused around tumor and cell biology, in which I conducted research with emphasis on protein degradation and misfolding in both cancer and neuroscience. Now I’m working in Wouters-Koritzinsky laboratory at the Princess Margaret Cancer Research Tower (MaRS building) to unravel oxygen-independent protein folding pathways in the context of tumor hypoxia. As one of the MaRS site representatives I hope to be of great help to the IMS students at MaRS, by pulling them out of the lab for some fun and as a go-to person for both IMS and IMSSA related questions. Besides the MaRS building you can regularly find me dancing Forró at the Cumberland House, dancing Zouk on Bloor st. West and working out at Hart House. Also, I frequently attend socials and workshops at the Grad Room.