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Marmendia Meester

Name: Marmendia R. Meester
Title: Member at Large
Email: marmendia.meester@mail.utoronto.ca

About me:

I am a second year PhD student with too many interests – a few examples: Scitech, Taekwondo, Latin dance, Innovation and Science communication. Luckily my supervisor, Dr. Marianne Koritzinsky, has me settled down on my research project for PMCC at MaRS: Unraveling oxygen-independent pathways of disulfide bond formation in hypoxia-upregulated proteins to target for cancer therapy. I’m also the teaching assistant in the Advanced Biochemistry laboratory course at the Department of Biochemistry. Last year I enjoyed being the MaRS site director, but this year I’ll be contributing as a Member-at-Large. In addition, I’m a Marketing Associate of the Life Science Career Development Society. As I said, too many interests. Nice to meet you!