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Lisa Qiu

Name: Lisa Qiu
Title: Professional Masters Program Representative
Email: lisaa.qiu@mail.utoronto.ca

About me:

Hi! I’m a first year Master’s student in the Biomedical Communications (BMC) program and will be representing BMC as one of the Professional Master’s Program representative. I studied art at The Academy of Realist Art in Toronto, graduating recently. Meanwhile, I pursued the sciences, completing my undergraduate studies with a specialist in Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology at the University of Toronto. Throughout this time, I was keen on using science to make a difference but often found myself to be most communicative and useful through application of my artistic skills. As these two distinct interests continue to diverge throughout my schooling, I sought out the Biomedical Communications program as a means to integrate my two passions. I am honoured and ecstatic to now be a member of a community of such talented and driven individuals from whom I have much to learn!

Website: www.visualqiu.com