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Jung Hee Lee

Name: Jung Hee Lee
Title: IMSSA Member at Large
Email: jhee0275@gmail.com
About me:
My name is Jung Hee Lee and I am a first year Master’s student of Science in Biomedical Communications. I am a poster designer for IMSSA with my talented BMC colleagues, Joanna and Matan. Through those posters that we make, we encourage people to participate IMSSA events so that many people can communicate and build relationships in this community. In secondary school, I was drawn to both science and art. I enjoyed the complexity involved in learning scientific concepts, as much as the challenge of applying my interest in art to help understand these concepts. I chose to pursue undergraduate studies in the Life Sciences program at McMaster University and continued to build my artistic skills in a recreational manner. When it came time to determine a future career path, I found about the Biomedical Communications program and I was very excited to blend my interest in science and artistic talent through medical illustration. Recently, my interest started to grow in patient education and health communication because I want to create visual tools that target as many people as possible, even those without the previous scientific knowledge. This may be challenging in terms of simplifying complicated scientific concepts but I believe that facing challenges always makes you stronger! Other than medical illustration, I also enjoy spending time playing the piano and the guitar, watching movies and listening to 70s & 80s Korean songs!