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constitution_IMSSAAll students registered in the Institute of Medical Science are members of the IMS Students’ Association (IMSSA), and are expected to take an active part in the organization. A portion of your incidental fees goes to the Graduate Students’ Union (GSU), which in turn funds the IMSSA.

The IMSSA Executive is an elected body that represents students’ views and interests by participating in the standing committees of the IMS, and organizes various academic and social events throughout the year. The IMSSA Executive meets bi-weekly to plan these events and discuss issues of relevance to students. In addition, each member of the Executive fulfills certain specific duties.  Elections to office are held annually.

If you would like to join IMSSA, please email commims@gmail.com
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2018/2019 Executive Council

Co-Presidents: Simon Haney, Laura Best
Vice Presidents: Hening Sun, Katie Lye
Secretary: Stephanie Hulme
Treasurer: Nathan Chan

Communications: Alborz Noorani
Sporting Events: Joanne Plahouras
Social Affairs: Michael Borrett
Community and Outreach: Rachel Dadouch
Wellness and Wellbeing: Olivia Hough
Academic Affairs: Katherine Tucker

Raw Talk Podcast: Nathan Chan
IMS Magazine: Chantel Kowalchuk
FacMed Interdepartmental: Laurel Etkin-Spigelman
First Year/SURP: Sharon Yoon
Professional Masters Program: Majd Ghadban, Kaitlyn Gonsalves
Clinical Investigator: Ayesha Noman
GSU: Kimia Ghannad-Zadeh, Parnian Pardis, Alexa Desimone

Site Directors
U of T/Women’s College: Fabian Oliver Wong, Tom Enbar
SickKids Site: Alina Zgardau, Anjali Vig
MaRsSite: Sandy Lee, Conan Chua
CAMH: Paria Baharikhoob, Erin Gaudette
TGH: Yvonne Bach, Louise Pei
TWH: William Luong, Stephanie Tran
Mount Sinai/Rehab: Jennifer Dorsey, Allie King
St. Mikes: Ikran Ali, Thenuka Thanabalasingam
PMH: Joanne Wong
Sunnybrook: Amin Banihashemi, Rosa Sommer


2017/2018 Executive Council

Co Presidents: Craig Madho & Swapna Mylabathula
Vice President Operations: Bryanna Nyhof
Vice President External affairs: Dalia Kagramanov
Secretary: Bushra Yusuf
Treasurer: Michelle Jennett

Director of Communications: Joel Tan
Director of Sporting Events: Brenda Varriano
Director of Social Affairs: Abby Farrell
Director of Community and Outreach: Laura Best
Director of Wellness and Wellbeing: Lauren De Freitas
Director of Academic Affairs: Alina Zgardau

Raw Talk Podcast representative: James Saravanamuttu
IMS Magazine representative: Jonathon Chio
FacMed Interdepartmental representative: Laurel Etkin
International Student representative: Tamadher Alghamdi
First Year/SURP representative: Maryam Bagherzadeh
Professional Masters Program representative: Kaleigh Johnson-Cover & Helen Liu
Clinical Investigator representative: Omar Selim
GSU representatives: Sally Pan, Nathan Chan, & Chris Rodgers

U of T/Women’s College Site Directors: Yousef Manialawy & Krystal Jacques-Smith
SickKids Site Directors: Anjali Vig & Alejandra Lagos
MaRs Site Directors: Sandy Lee & Yasika Nesarajah
CAMH Site Directors: Akshayan Vimalanathan & Jen Lissemore
TGH Site Directors: Yvonne Bach & Louise Pei
TWH Site Directors: Julianne Baarbe & Peter Hung
Mount Sinai/Rehab Site Directors: Rachel Dadouch & Taylor Gillmore
St. Mikes Site Directors: Shaista Anwer & Hening Sun
PMH Site Directors: Eryn Tong & Catherine Virelli
Sunnybrook Site Directors: Bowen Zhang & Amin Banihashemi

2016/2017 Executive Council
President: Fadl Nabbouh
Vice President External: Susana Da Silva
Vice President Operations: Tania Da Silva
Treasurer: Royce Holmes
Director of Academic Affairs: Nancy Liu
Director of Communications: Valera Castanov
Director of Community and Outreach Initiatives: Michael Bray
Director of Social Affairs: Melissa Galati
Director of Sporting Events: Julia Hamer
Secretary: Jonathon Chio

Clinical Investigator Program Representative: Michael Richards
FacMed Interdepartmental Representative: Arman Hassanpour
First Year Representative:
Graduate Students Union Representative: Julianne Baarbe
Graduate Students Union Representative:
Graduate Students Union Representative: Tarimobo Otobo
IMS Magazine Representative: Petri Takkala
International Student Representative: Beatrice Ballarin
Professional Masters Program Representative: Cheryl Tsui
Professional Masters Program Representative: Lisa Qiu
Professional Masters Program Representative: Tiffanie Kei

CAMH Site Director: Saad Khan
CAMH Site Director: Saba Shahab
MaRS Site Director: Ruwandi Kariyawasam
MaRS Site Director: Yasika Nesarajah
MSB Site Director: Nishanth Lakshman
MSB Site Director: Vinoja Sebanayagam
Mount Sinai Site Director: Abby Farrell
Princess Margaret Hospital Site Director: Christine Moon
Princess Margaret Hospital Site Director:
Sick Kids Site Director: Dalia Kagramanov
Sick Kids Site Director: Joel Tan
St. Michael’s Site Director: Ashley Bellin
St. Michael’s Site Director: Tamadher Algahamdi
Sunnybrook Site Director: Osai Samadi
Sunnybrook Site Director: Bowen Zhang
Toronto General Hospital Site Director: Romina Nejad
Toronto General Hospital Site Director: Bryanna Nyhof
Toronto Western Hospital Site Director: Arsalan Mir-Moghtadaei
Toronto Western Hospital Site Director: Yena Lee

2016/2017 Members at Large
The Swapna:         Swapna Mylabathula
Member at Large: Alejandra Lagos Monzon
Member at Large: Alex Mogadam
Member at Large: Ekaterina An
Member at Large: Hira Raheel
Member at Large: Jabir Mohamed
Member at Large: Jacqueline Van Warmerdam
Member at Large: Janessa Griffith
Member at Large: Karolina Kozak
Member at Large: Lauren De Freitas
Member at Large: Lisa Richardson
Member at Large: Lori Israelian
Member at Large: Mansur Naeem
Member at Large: Marija Zivcevska
Member at Large: Marmendia Meester
Member at Large: Olivia Goltsis
Member at Large: Richie Jeremian
Member at Large: Ronak Patel
Member at Large: Sarah Peters
Member at Large: Troy Chow

2015/2016 Executive Council
Co-Presidents: Katie Schwenger, Meagan O’Neill
Vice Presidents: Vanessa Rojas-Luengas, Shanna Stanley-Hasnain
Director of Communications: Valera Castanov
Secretary: Lisa Richardson
Treasurer: Dunja Knezevic
Director of Academic Affairs: Sarah Coakeley
Director of Sporting Events: Adam Hsieh
Director of Social Events: Hira Raheel
Director of Community and Outreach Initiatives: Samantha Fernandes
First Year Representative: Saba Shahab
Clinician – Investigator Program Representative: Mani Mian
Professional Master’s Program Representative: Hillary Chan, Tiffanie Kei, Lily Ye
International Student Representative: Beatrice Ballarin
IMS Magazine Representative: Jonathon Chio
Faculty of Medicine Interdepartmental Committee Representative: Lori Israelian
Graduate Students’ Union (GSU) Representative: Fadl Nabbouh, Rachel Dragas, Petri Takkala
CAMH Rep: Victoria Marshe, Susana Da Silva
SickKids Rep: Joshua Gnanasegaram, Lily Lu
MaRS Rep: Marmendia Meester, Ruwandi Kariyawasam
MSB Rep: Nishanth Lakshman
Mount Sinai Rep: Amir Safavi
PMH Rep: Christine Moon
St. Michael’s Rep: Brent Bates
Sunnybrook Rep: Jia Yan Zhang, Bowen Zhang
TGH Rep: Romina Nejad
TWH Rep: Anton Rogachov, Kenneth Royce Holmes

2015/2016 Members at Large
Tania Da Silva
Joanna Liang‏
Matan Berson
Jung Hee Lee