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IMS50 Scientific Day Panel: Celebrate. Engage. Inspire.

At Scientific Day 2018 we hosted a special IMS50 Panel event with Faculty, Alumni and Students as part of our year long 50th Anniversary celebrations.

The panelists discussed everything from how the IMS has supported them throughout their studies, what their most embarrassing “IMS moment” was and what they would do if they were Director for a day. They also offered some really great advice for current and future students.

Listen to the full panel discussion below!


Rich Foty standing portrait


Dr. Rich Foty
Assistant Professor,
Translational Research Program
PhD Alumni

Photo of Brittany Campbell


Dr. Brittany Campbell
Post-Doctoral Fellow
PhD Alumni


Dr. Reinhart Reithmeier
Professor, UofT
Former IMS Graduate Coordinator


Dr. Lena Serghides
Assistant Professor, UofT
PhD Alumn

Sara Mirali
MD/PhD Program
PhD Student
Dr. Mel Silverman
Professor, UofT
Former IMS Director