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IMS students win 2018 Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award

Congratulations to our students who received a 2018 Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award for their outstanding volunteer contributions to the University and wider community.

Rachel Dragas

Rachel served as Co-Chair of Grad Minds, the official mental health committee of the UTGSU. She also founded the University’s official tri-campus mental health magazine, Elemental, which features direct contributions from faculty, staff, students, and community partners. In addition to this, she served on the Dean’s Mental Health Committee at the Faculty of Arts and Science. Rachel was also a G2G Peer Advisor at the Conflict Resolution Centre and a mentor in the Collaborative Program in Neuroscience and University College. Within the Institute of Medical Science, she served as a journalist for the IMS magazine as well as graduate student union representative on IMSSA.

Sahil Gupta

 In 2014, Sahil became the founder and President of the U of T student chapter for the Center for Research on Inner City Health. The focus on this group is to engage U of T students both academically and socially to raise funds to help reintegrate homeless outpatients at St. Michael’s Hospital back into society. Thus far, this non-for-profit collaboration between the U of T and St. Michael’s Hospital has donated $7,000 and aims to complete it’s $10,000 pledge by 2019!

Faraz Honarvar

Faraz took many leadership roles at U of T, the most important of which was being the president of Blu Matter Project – U of T Chapter, a club aiming towards providing effective resources for the betterment of students’ mental health. He believes that his efforts have helped many students have a more meaningful and memorable university experience. He hopes to continue his involvement with the community after his graduation.

Richie Jeremian

Richie Jeremian is the co-founder of the Raw Talk Podcast. He has served as the show’s Co-Executive Producer, Show Host and Lead Audio Engineer for its first two seasons.

Craig Madho

Craig is Co-President of the Institute of Medical Science Students Association and Co-Founder of the Institute’s mentorship program. He has worked with students in the department and on the council to expand and execute their ideas for both social and academic events.


Fadl Nabbouh

Fadl Nabbouh, a past President of the Institute of Medical Science Students’ Association, was able to promote a sense of community, fostering an atmosphere for collaboration and engagement between students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Fadl also co-created the IMS peer-to-peer mentorship program and leads the organization of UofT Talks.

Sally Pan

Sally co-founded a campus group called Love146 University of Toronto Chapter, which advocates for anti-human trafficking. They aim to educate their peers and fundraise for survivors of human trafficking. Outside the UofT community, she is on the Business Development Committee for HEROS Hockey, a non-profit organization that brings free hockey programming and equipment for marginalized children at 21 sites across Canada. Lastly, she is on IMSSA as the Graduate Student Union representative for 2017-2018.

Marija Zivcevska

Marija is the President for the University of Toronto Chapter for the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, a student-run group that aims to enrich the student experience by providing opportunities for practical experience, education and inter-professional collaboration. Some of her other involvements include: Journalist for the Grad Minds Elemental Magazine, Lead Mentor for the IMS Mentorship Program, S.A.F.E Committee Member and Segment Host for Raw Talk Podcast


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